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The ultimate social wall for the office just got better

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Communicate your heart out

Keep your team in the know

When you enable slack on your social wall, you can ensure that everyone around your office knows what's happening. You can include any/all of your channels, and display the posts beautifully on a custom social wall.

Real-time Slack Wall

Slackity Slack, chat chat back....

Whenever you post messages to Slack, they'll appear on your social wall instantly.

Great Bonus Features

Don't want to post to a channel? You can make announcements directly on the Slack wall, too.


Let your team vote on things and see the result real-time on your Slack wall.


Get your team more social an connected with one of our three leaderboards.


You can always remove posts, or if you want, review them before they ever appear.

BlackList & Whitelists

Prevent specific accounts from ever appearing, or make sure certain accounts always show.

Completely Customizable

The most customizable social wall available. Logos, colors, fonts, layouts and more.

Extremely Reliable

We're hosted in 7 data-centers in the US and EU to ensure your social wall always works.

Always Realtime

Don't wait! Let the spontaneity of your employees be rewarded with instant gratification.

Most Common Uses

Around the Office

Around the office we see most installations create a single channel in Slack, like #announcements, and then connect that with their wall. Once connected, anytime they want to announce something, they just post to that channel and instantly everyone can see the news.

Just break a new sales goal? Post it to #announcements. New hires you want everyone to know about? #announcements Really, anything that you'd normally send out a mass email to everyone can be replaced by just a single post to #announcements.

Conferences and Events

Hosting a new conference or event? Use Slack! Sure, you can create a #hashtag and tell everyone to use Twitter, but what if you want the conversation to be private? Or, you don't want people to have to worry about including a #hashtag? Slack is the perfect solution.

Lately all of the more tech savvy events have been creating Slack teams for their event and telling everyone to join. Once you're on site though—besides the standard messaging plastered everywhere to get people to connect—what's the best thing to get people to actually SEE the conversation and join in? Of course, a social wall from Everwall.

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