All About The Money

Last Updated on October 7, 2021

Money is a huge factor when planning an event. If you are faced with a small budget, it is often wise to look into sponsorships. As an event planner, you should network constantly to build your list of sponsors that would be available for different events that you plan. This can be a great relief to clients who are looking to get more for less money out of their pocket.

There is almost a science to creating the right relationships to get the sponsorships that you will need for events, which is what we will be focusing on in this week’s series. If you are approaching a new company for sponsorship, whether it be product donation or money, remember to offer your social media presence as an added bonus for publicity.

We will focus on the following topics:

What Can You Do If Your Event Goes Over Budget?

Cold Calling 101 – How To Get A Sponsor On Board For Your Events

Ten Tips For Landing Your Perfect Sponsor

How to Increase Visibility for Event Sponsors

How To Be A Better Vendor At Trade Shows

The Do’s & Don’t of Event Sponsorship