5 Unusual (and Fun!) Technological Tools for Events

Last Updated on October 7, 2021

Have you felt at any point as though your events were missing something? Have you contemplated how to add extra flair to your conferences; something that would help distinguish your event firm from the competition? There is no shame in the desire to stand out from the crowd in the event management industry.

Using a bit of unique or unusual technology – making use of some gadgets or gear that your competition might not consider using – could be just the ticket to make your events more memorable.

Presented here are just a few unusual and fun technological tools to consider for your next conference.


Say hello to e-QBO, quite possibly one of the coolest new architectural innovations; the customizable and portable ‘space’ runs on renewable sources of energy. The exterior of this large, modular cube is coated with solar panels, and the freestanding space can be set up just about anywhere, effortlessly integrating into its surroundings. You can create an awesome-looking showroom, a private meetinghouse, or a self-sustaining conference hall. If you’ve the budget, this is one invention you should definitely try out.

The 360 Fly Camera

Ok, we love this one. In the event you’re livestreaming a conference or keynote, the 360 Fly camera – one of the world’s first panoramic video cameras – could be the perfect choice. Easy to transport and set up, the 360 Fly will ensure that the viewer never misses a moment of your stream. Plus, it looks pretty cool too; always a plus.

The Z-Machines

Now for a few ideas a bit more far out there. For those of you who don’t already know, this is Z-Machines. They’re a band composed entirely of robots, something which makes them capable of musical feats no human could possibly hope to achieve. They also run the gamut from cool-looking (in the case of the guitarist) and downright Lovecraftian (the percussionist). If you’re looking to include music at one of your events, you could always try booking this band (or one of the many other robot bands floating around). This could be a particularly excellent idea if you’re hosting a technology conference of some kind.

Telepresence Robots And Virtual Reality

Imagine it: instead of having to trudge their way from a hotel room to the show floor in the wee hours of the morning, you’ve a crop of attendees who simply roll out of bed, pour themselves a cup of coffee, then pop on a VR headset. Suddenly, they’re exploring your conference, interacting with their fellow attendees and attending keynotes. This is the wonder of telepresence robots – which, coupled with virtual reality, could provide guests with a whole new means of experiencing an event.

Gaming Applications

Last, but certainly not least – and I hesitate to use the term – why not try a bit of gamification? Hire a developer to code an app or two which gives attendees add on event experiences for accomplishing particular tasks, or hide event-related digital ‘collectibles’ around the conference hall, or…yeah, you get the idea. Transform your event into a video game, while still keeping things informative.

Maybe we’re not ready to attend a conference in our pajamas from a hotel room or dance to a robot rock and roll band, but we can agree we all want our events to stand out. Try something new!