Why Your Kids Should Learn How to Code

Last Updated on October 7, 2021

Some people hope their child becomes a famous athlete. Others want him or her to be a doctor, lawyer, or scientist. While all these professions are glamorous in their own way, here is something else to think about: it may be a good idea for your kids to learn how to code.

Go back in time 30 years and nobody was thinking about this. There was no Facebook. There was no Twitter. Computers weren’t even that big of a deal. In today’s world, however, this has all changed. Technology rules the world, and those who know how to code are in good position to achieve great success.

Here are several reasons why your kids should learn how to code:

1. Jobs in this field are in high demand. If you know how to code, if you are good at it, you will find yourself in position to land a job at many companies spanning a variety of industries.

Furthermore, this trend will continue to grow well into the future. By the time your young children are old enough to enter the working world, the demand for “coders” will be greater than ever before.

2. Feed their entrepreneurial spirit. Without killer coding skills, Mark Zuckerberg would have never been able to create Facebook. Sure, he could have hired somebody else to do the dirty work in the early days, but what fun is that?

With the ability to code, your child has the opportunity to create almost anything imaginable as far as websites and apps are concerned. Best yet, this puts them in position to control their own destiny. Forget about Michael Jordan, maybe your child wants to be the next Zuckerberg!

3. Kids learn better when they are younger. As you age, your ability to retain information and get on board with new ideas diminishes. This doesn’t mean you can’t learn to code later in life, but it’s best to get an early start. In addition to learning better and faster, early adoption puts your child in position to use the skills throughout their educational experience. With more high school and college students than ever starting their own business, this is a big deal.

What other reasons would you add to this list? When did you learn how to code? Are you teaching your children this valuable skill?