Why Internal Events are Great for Business

Last Updated on October 7, 2021

Although events are fast becoming one of the most valuable marketing tools in any agencies arsenal, brand awareness most definitely isn’t all they’re good for. It wasn’t so long ago that conferences were meant for business people, trade shows were meant for shareholders, and many events were kept within the corporation. There are many reasons for that, all of which speak to the inherent value of internal events.

They Promote Group Cohesion

If one’s working with a particular group of people, one needs to be certain they can get along with each other. Company get-togethers such as parties and sporting events might not necessarily take as much to plan as a traditional conference, but they’re definitely just as valuable. It’s at these events that the workplace social environment truly forms; employees who spend time together in their off-hours are going to be much more capable with one another than those who don’t.

Increased Efficiency/Loyalty

A little while ago, I applied for an internship at a data agency in the oil field. One of the big draws of the position (aside from the rather sweet benefits package) was the great workplace environment they fostered. The people who ran the show there were dedicated to keeping their employees happy, and they had the break-room and after-work events to show it. As a result, the people who worked there were more cheerful, more efficient, and – most importantly – more loyal.

They Allow For More Personal Communication Between Districts

In the case of organizations that span several cities or districts, company-wide events can help employees form connections with one another, even if they don’t necessarily work at the same location. While the direct benefit of this might not be entirely obvious, it becomes clear on closer inspection – it ties back to group cohesion. If people from different districts are communicating in person with one another, they’re likelier to form a connection; an employee who’s considering changing districts may decide to do so after meeting their future co-workers.

Your Business Will Become More Attractive For Potential Hires

Okay, although I’ve already referenced this, it bears mentioning again. If your organization has a history of hosting awesome events for its employees, it’s naturally going to look better for potential hires. They’re going to see how much fun working there tends to be, and will thus be far likelier to apply.

They’ll Help You Get Your Act Together

Last, but certainly not least, company events are good practice for larger conferences. Scheduling and managing them can offer you some invaluable event planning experience, something which will undoubtedly serve you well down the road. Plus, they’ll provide a bit of added motivation for getting organized, as well.

In Closing

Conferences haven’t always been the powerful marketing tool they’ve become today. Not too long ago, they were chiefly designed for those within a particular business or industry. Learning how to leverage the power of such events to increase workplace cohesion and efficiency is thus incredibly important – and will bring you nothing but benefits.