Reasons to Ask Your Team for Feedback After an Event

Last Updated on October 7, 2021

You put your heart and soul into planning and managing an event, hoping that everything is just right. Once the final day comes and goes, you can look back and assess the good, the bad, and of course, the ugly (hopefully not much of this).

While self-assessment is important, don’t overlook the benefits of asking your team for feedback. There is a good chance that everybody will have a different stance on the event.

Three Reasons to Speak Up

It doesn’t matter if you ask for feedback in person, via email, or through an online survey, it is imperative to communicate with your team once the event comes to an end. Below are three of the best reasons for doing so:

1. There are things you don’t know, didn’t see

You only have one set of eyes and two legs. For this reason, it’s hard to keep a beat on everything happening at an event, especially one that is widespread.

Your team can provide you with information on details and events that you missed out on. For example, the person in charge of catering may be able to explain how the audience received the food.

You may have missed some important details along the way, but your team probably picked up the slack. Get with them to learn more about what you missed.

2. Changes for the Future

Just because one event is in the past doesn’t mean the next one isn’t coming down the pipeline. Depending on your position, company, and industry, you may find yourself planning another event in the near future.

Your team can help you brainstorm on which changes to make for upcoming events. This could include but is not limited to:

  • Selecting a larger venue
  • Serving different types of food
  • Altering the check-in process

If something went bad at your last event, make a change to avoid a similar fate in the future.

3. To Show that you value their opinion

Everybody puts a lot of time into making an event a success. You need to show your team that you care. One of the best ways of doing so is to ask their opinion. If nothing else, this shows each team member that his or her hard work was not overlooked. Sometimes this is all it takes to make somebody happy.

Final Thoughts

When an event comes to an end, your work is just beginning. It is now time to look back and review every detail, big and small. When doing so, enlist the help of your team. This will improve the process while making your job easier.