Signs Of An Amazing Vendor

Last Updated on October 7, 2021

Selecting vendors to populate your trade show is often just as important as hiring people to help you run it.  After all, you can’t really run a trade show if there are no presenters on the show floor, can you? That isn’t to say you can’t afford to be selective with who you call on – quite the contrary, I’d recommend it.

A great vendor can bring a lot to an event – arguably even more than a poor vendor can take away from it. As an event management professional, you want to train yourself to recognize warning signs, true…but you also need to be capable of seeing the good in your potential partners.

Here are a few signs that the vendor you’ve got your eye on is exactly the kind of person you want at your side: 

They’re Honest And Open About Themselves And Their Brand

At the risk of sounding like I’m just spouting niceties; when it comes to doing business, honesty truly is the best policy. If the vendor you’re talking to is honest about their faults – and those of their brand – then they’re a good egg. That goes double if they’re completely realistic about what they have to offer as well as what you can offer them.

They’ve Got A Great Sense Of Humor

I’m going to share with you something that took me far longer to learn than it should have – the type of person who’s capable of laughing at their own follies is the type everyone wants to have around.  That’s because they’ve got a great sense of humor – and probably a good sense of what makes other people laugh. And given that everyone likes to laugh, well…I’m sure you can put two and two together here.

They Respond In A Timely Fashion – And They Don’t Use Canned Replies

If a vendor not only responds immediately to your communiqués but personalizes their response, then the invite you’ve sent them is one you aren’t going to regret. That shows they’re not only organized, but also thoughtful and thorough. In other words, they’re exactly the sort of person you want to work with.

They Know Exactly What To Expect From A Trade Show

If the vendor you’re considering is an old hat at trade shows, they’ll know exactly what to expect. What that means is that they’re going to be asking you very few questions, save for those that experience doesn’t provide an answer for. You won’t need to hold their hand, and they won’t have any unreasonable expectations – simply point them to where they’re setting up, and you’re golden. 

Their Reputation Is Amazing

I’ve noticed something about the world we live in – from a business standpoint; we’re in something known as the ‘relationship era.’ Social media has taken word of mouth to a level beyond anything anyone could have expected – meaning that a single upset customer can spout bile to legions of consumers. The expectation is that organizations will actively pursue positive relations with their customers, and that they’ll communicate with them on a near-personal level.

Any brand that manages to pull this off – and maintain a great reputation in the process – is one you definitely won’t regret having at your event.