Most Common Health Issues Faced By Event Planners

Last Updated on July 10, 2022

Your job can be hazardous to your health.

Every profession carries with it a host of hazards one needs to deal with each and every day. Failure to address any of these problems adequately could well lead to something a lot more permanent. Especially in event management – a career in which you’re constantly on the move – that’s something you want to avoid.

With that in mind, today we’re going to go over some of the most common health risks you’ll face as an event planner – and how you can deal with each one.

Lack Of Sleep

Especially in the days leading up to an event, it can be tempting to shift into overdrive, and live on a schedule consisting of inadequate sleep and copious amounts of caffeine. Don’t do it. Not only does lack of sleep kill brain cells, it can also lead to increased irritability, weight gain, and lowered productivity. Don’t sacrifice sleep to get stuff done – you’ll regret it.

What You Can Do: Set a sleep schedule complete with regular naps, and stick to it. You’ll be healthier, less irritable, and – most importantly – more efficient in your work.

Severe Stress

Event planning isn’t exactly an easy profession. Managing an event can be a logistical nightmare, and you might end up feeling on more than one occasion like your head’s going to explode.  Failure to properly deal with your stress could send your blood pressure through the roof, and end up burning you out in the long turn.

What You Can Do: Try meditating, for one. Listen to music that you find relaxing, and learn to delegate tasks to your event team.

Poor Diet

It can be hard to get three square meals a day when you’re on the road. It’s thus incredibly tempting to skip eating in favor of work – or worse, to eat fast food. That’s a bad idea – trust me.

What You Can Do: Supplement your diet. Take multivitamins every day, and travel with protein shakes and healthy drink mixes.

Cold And Flu

As an event planner, you work with large crowds of people on a regular basis. What that means is that you’re going to be getting up close and personal with people who may or may not have the latest plague that’s been going around. You need to do what you can to avoid catching it – being sick sucks, especially when you’re busy.

What You Can Do: In addition to sleeping well and managing your diet, avoid getting too close to people who are showing symptoms of sickness. Never touch your food, nose, eyes, or mouth without first thoroughly washing your hands.


You’re always on the move as an event planner – which means you’re at an increased risk of pulling or straining something. Should that happen, you’re going to end up in pretty dire straits, as you try to move around the show floor with an injury. You need to do what you can to prevent this.

What You Can Do: Wear supportive, properly-designed footwear, and don’t be afraid to go for a massage or two if you’re feeling under the weather. While you’re at it, exercise regularly – it strengthens your muscles, and makes you healthier all across the board.

Health And Wellness

Every profession carries with it its own unique set of health hazards. Freelance writing, for example, is a fairly sedentary job, which owes itself to strained eyesight, long hours, poor sleep habits, and lower back problems. Thankfully, I’ve more or less learned to deal with these problems – and I won’t suffer permanent damage to my health as a result.

As an event management professional, you need to be certain you do the same. Otherwise, you might end up sorely regretting your career choice in the long run.