How You Can Refresh Your Event Management Firm In The New Year

Last Updated on October 7, 2021

A New Year is upon us! Traditionally, this is when we look back at the past year and think about all the stuff we did right (and wrong); when we look forward and draw up a few New Years’ resolutions we’ll probably end up breaking in a few months. Coincidentally, it’s also the perfect time to refresh your event management business.

I should explain.

See, every business no matter how successful runs the risk of getting a bit stale after a while. If you aren’t regularly mixing things up and coming up with new ideas and approaches, then you may well be stagnating. It’s important that you keep your business fresh, especially in a competitive field like event management.

Today, we’re going to talk about a few ways that you can do just that.

Flirt With Some New (And Creative) Event Ideas

You’re an event planner, so creativity is sort of what you do. It’s your job to come up with awesome conferences, cool trade shows, and incredible meet-ups, right? Even so, there are always going to be a few ideas you haven’t explored; a few concepts you’ve not quite fleshed out.

In the New Year, why not give them a try?

Julius Solaris of the Event Manager Blog has a rather fantastic list of event ideas you can peruse if you’re looking for a bit of inspiration on that front.  Have a look at it and see if anything there gets your mind working.

Try Out Some New Tech

As I’m sure you’ve heard me say on more than one occasion, 2016 is going to be a pretty big year as far as event management tech’s concerned. We’re just starting to see embedded sensor technology come into its own, meaning the Internet of Things is getting huge – and that’s got some pretty significant ramifications for the events industry. There’s a whole lot to look forward to as far as events and meetings technology goes.

I’d suggest seeing if you can integrate any of the emerging tech into your events in the New Year. Who knows? You might eventually end up wondering how you ever lived without it.

Study A New Field (And Incorporate It Into Your Planning Process)

My next suggestion is admittedly a bit of a strange one, but bear with me. See, event planning is by its nature a multidisciplinary field. You’re equal parts emcee and logistician, marketer and manager; workhorse and executive. Because of the diverse duties you deal with as part of your day-to-day work, there are plenty of other industries, fields, and disciplines which – if you were to study them – could strengthen your own career considerably.

Consider sociology, the study of human social behavior; or psychology, the study of the human mind. Knowledge of the former could be put to work designing a floor-plan for your events, while the latter could help you design better marketing campaigns or keynotes. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

I’m not suggesting you go out and get a degree in behavioral psychology or anything like that.  Just that gathering a bit of extra knowledge – say, by reading a few books on the side – couldn’t really hurt.

A Fresh Year; A Fresh Start

This is the time of year when everyone likes to start fresh. A New Year means a new chance to prove oneself, a chance to revive an old business venture or revitalize a new one. Why not take the chance to refresh some elements of your own event planning business, as well?

It couldn’t hurt, right?