Five Conferences No Event Manager Should Miss

Last Updated on October 7, 2021

If you’re trying to learn about the field of event management, it’s all well and good to seek out industry sites and certification courses, but there’s still something to be said for checking in at an event manager’s conference. There, you’ll be able to meet and greet some of the brightest, most successful people in the field. You’ll learn more about your industry and the people involved in it, and possibly even meet a few potential clients (or employers) in the process.

Plus, you’ll likely have a great time doing so. After all, who knows better how to put on a great show than event management professionals? Only one question remains, then: which ones should you attend? Let’s talk about that.


The Global Meetings And Events Expo

TBA 2015

We’ll start with one of the best-known in the world. EIBTM bills itself as the leading global conference for the meetings and events industry. Hosted across three days in the bustling city of Barcelona, it features exhibitors from all over the world who act as suppliers for the meetings and events industry. Over 15,000 industry professionals from all over the world are in attendance; all are given full access to over 3,100 exhibitors coupled with thought-provoking keynotes and the opportunity to network with the best of the best. You’ll probably find quite a few potential clients there, too; EIBTM attracts quite a few buyers.


The Worldwide Exhibition for Incentive Travel, Meetings & Events

May 19-21, 2015; Frankfurt, Germany

The IMEX Group runs one of the largest, most diverse and most critically-acclaimed event/meeting exhibitions in the world. What makes it really stand out from the other entries on the list is that it places particular focus on the needs of event management professionals and executives. IMEX is in actuality two separate conferences: IMEX 2014, hosted in Messe Frankfurt, Germany; and IMEX America 2014, hosted in Las Vegas. Both events offer a staggering selection of exhibitors representing over 150 countries. In the case of IMEX America, it offers the largest hosted buyer program in the country.


The European Meetings & Events Conference

February 1-2, 2015; Krakow, Poland

Hosted by Meetings Professionals International, The European Meetings & Events Conference brings together some of the best event managers, suppliers, and buyers in the world. There, they’re kept abreast of the ever-changing events industry and provided with knowledge on some of the most cutting-edge trends in the market. With personalized education and keynote schedules and more business potential than I could possibly describe here, EMEC is a fantastic choice if you’re looking to go overseas. As an added bonus, Istanbul is a bloody beautiful city, brimming with history.

The Special Event Show

ISES Canada’s Special Event Show

TBA 2016

Here’s one regularly hosted a little closer to home. The Special Event Show offers attendees the chance to knock boots with thousands of industry professionals and get creative insights and ideas for whatever events they might be thinking of hosting in the future. Boasting an impressive list of visitors, a whole host of fun events and a reasonable registration fee, The Special Event Show is definitely a good choice if you’re looking to increase your presence in the events industry.

Keep An Eye Out For Smaller Conferences, Too

Of course, you shouldn’t just attend the larger trade shows, either. Some of the best insights and some of the most creative individuals can be found at smaller shows. Particularly if you’re an up-and-coming event planner, tracking down a local event management conference might be just the thing you need to give your career a jumpstart.