Employees: Everything You Need To Know

Last Updated on October 7, 2021

Employees are the KEY to having a successful event. No matter how successful of an event planner you are, you can’t put your ideas and hard work into action without help. Whether it is full time employees, volunteers, or paid people for an event, it is important to be able to manage them successfully so they are happy, and so are the attendees.

Last weekend, we focused on everything that you need to know about location. So now that you know about WHERE we are going to focus on an important WHO for your next client and event.

The topics that we will focus on are as follows:

The Complete Guide To The Care And Retention Of Volunteers

How To Determine The Proper Size For An Event Team

Support Your Team & Avoid Event Burnout

Event Staffing Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

What Exactly Is A Strategic Meetings Management Program

Five Ways Event Planners Can Recharge Their Creative Juices

 The Benefits of Hiring Event Works In House

Why You Need Proper Harassment Policies

Managing Your Team When Something Goes Wrong

Best Ways to get Employees to Volunteer to Work an Event

In Training And Loving It: How You Can Use Employee Training To Create A Better Workplace Culture

Social Media Hiring: Maximize Benefits, Reduce Risk

Overbooked: How To Manage Too Many Jobs