Are you an event manager? This article will help you choose the best techniques to explode your event’s business, acquire new attendees and increase profits. I’m sure you must have heard of social media, and how powerful it is—well, it’s the truth!

When done properly, social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and a host of others can be beneficial to you.

Listed below are 10 effective social media techniques for an event manager to employ, if they want to outsmart their competitors, and stay at the forefront in the event management industry. Are you ready for them?

1. Set a clear goal

10 Techniques for Event Managers to have better events-01The rule of thumb when using social media to grow any kind of business is to set a clear goal. What do you want to achieve? Yes, on the surface, you might say that getting paying attendees to attend your event is all you ever wanted, but that may not be entirely true.

There are other things you can pursue in your business, like brand identity, which is another powerful gem you can’t afford to ignore.

If your brand sticks out strong, you’ll have won half the battle at convincing attendees to attend, well before doing any promotion. When you’re initially starting out, a simple, realistic, smart and measurable goal is essential—don’t leave home without it.

2. Be social

The first word you’ll find in “social media” is the word “social.” What this means is that you have to get the full meaning of that word before you can attract the media or get free publicity.

As you already know, there are thousands of event managers who are chasing for the same piece of the pie. If you’re not sociable and courteous, you can’t win the hearts of people who need you.

Don’t try to be social; otherwise it’ll feel like a hassle to you. Just free up your creative mind, let loose with your reservations, and watch how exciting meeting and talking with people on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can be.

Speaking of being social, did you know that you can make your event more social and engaging by using a Tweetwall?

3. Learn to adapt to changes

10 Techniques for Event Managers to have better events-02The web is a dynamic platform and social media networks are always changing. Never underestimate the effect that the Facebook timeline can have on your event management business.

Always keep your eyes and ears wide open. You could pick up new ideas from a hot trend and scale it up to do better as an event manager. Pinterest is great for new ideas.

4. Identify a pressing need

In the event management world, your average idea is no longer enough because of the stiff competition. You should therefore identify a pressing need or problem that only a few event managers can handle.

For instance, when organizing an event, you should try to add flare that has never been seen before. How could you entertain guests and keep the event lively? More than anything, when people attend an event, they expect to be dazzled.

If possible, try to identify what your attendees look for in an event and try to one up it.

5. Get an event website

No matter what, these days, you need an event website. As an event manager, you simply cannot afford to hold an event without a website. And while you’re at it, if you’re a solo event manager for hire, get one for yourself too. It’s very easy to get a website that suits your personality and brand.

At an affordable price, you can have a semi-decent website up and running in around 30 minutes. If you want something custom, or more presentable, you may need to hire a professional website designer to assist you—it’ll cost more, but the results will likely be worth it.

10 Techniques for Event Managers to have better events-036. Build connections

Event managers are known offline for the connections they’ve built from the first client, down to the client they just worked with last night. Remember, social media is 100% online and you’re also expected to establish rapports with prospective clients.

So how do you build connections online? Well, you’ll start by introducing yourself, before introducing your business and your position (event manager). Just understand that nobody wants to be bored–so be creative and make them happy.

That’s what social media marketing is all about. And if you do it this way, you’ll definitely smile to the bank as an event manager, because more leads will be coming your way.

7. Give away value

It’s time to give away value. You know those things your prospective attendees are desperately looking for, don’t you?

The time to give away value is now. Write articles. Write e-books. Create videos and podcasts and give them all away for free.

Don’t be disturbed and discouraged because you’re not making sales from them initially, it’s not going to last forever. You’re sowing seeds that you’ll reap in the near future.

8. Create epic content

10 Techniques for Event Managers to have better events-04In line with giving away value, you have to create epic content. When I say “epic,” I mean that your article, videos and whatever you’re using to build buzz must be interesting. It must be explanatory.

Whether creating content for your event’s website, or your own website to help you build up your personal brand, you should research your topic (the industry of your event, or event management respectively) and how it relates to your clients—then create content that makes excites and engages them.

When they read, listen or watch your work, you’ll hopefully have hooked them with the “epic” content, and they’ll start looking into how to get to your event, or to working with you whenever the need arises.

9. Use pull marketing

This is simple. Pull marketing is just what it says. Don’t do anything that will chase clients and prospects away from you. Instead, create content, build connections and give away value so that they drawn to come to you.

When they come to you on their own accords, you’ll have total control, make more money and establish a stellar brand.

As you can see, the last three points have all been about creating great content.  It is a very important point, otherwise, we wouldn’t have dedicated three similar points… Get it right and things will be golden.

10. Don’t be an event manager, be yourself, and fun, and entertaining!

10 Techniques for Event Managers to have better events-05You’re an event manager, not a lawyer. Event managers are celebrities in their own fields, so take pride in who you are and put a smile on your face at all times.

Be fun and entertain people when you log in to Facebook, Twitter and all the social media networks you’re subscribed to.

To get the best of social media, few is always better. In other words, when you become active on Facebook and build more connections, it can mean a lot, instead of joining all the hottest networks out there and you barely have the time to relate with your fans and followers.

The Takeaway:

There you have it, the 10 effective techniques that can be beneficial to event managers. And it gets better when you take action on all these points because knowing them will not get you the results you desire, but implementing them will.

The event management world is your oyster. Go and dominate it, and keep your mind open because there is so much you can learn on your way.

Once you’ve got social down, the next step is integrating it into the event itself. And when you’re ready for that, using Everwall for your social wall is probably the best choice possible. 😉