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So you have chosen full moderation for your Tweetwall, now what? Now it’s time for you to chose exactly what your attendees see on display. This means you can weed out whatever you don’t want seen or may just want to save for later.

To begin, click on the burnt orange button that looks like a police officer on the right hand side of the dashboard. This will take you to your moderation queue, showing what you have to sift through and decide if it will show up on your live feed.

By clicking on Displayed you will be able to view exactly what is currently being displayed on your Tweetwall. You can change any tweet by clicking “Move” then whichever folder you would like it in. This will immediately remove it and will be available in your other moderation folders.

In the Blocked section of moderation is where posts that have been blocked are stored. These are either there because you have manually blocked them or one of the filters you have set up have removed it from your feed. You are able to “unblock” any post you chose by clicking “Move” and putting it wherever you need it.

So you don’t know if a post should be published or maybe want to save it for later? This is where the Stashed folder comes in handy.

Moderation is where any post that you need to moderate will go. From here you can chose to move it to Displayed, Blocked, or Stashed.

Remember, if full moderation is on YOU are in charge of deciding where every posts with your hashtag, @user, or keyword go into. This gives you full control over what will be shown on your Tweetwall and the ability to time everything. Keep in mind that this will mean that you will need someone to be monitoring full time to have a continuous stream of content.

If at any time during your event you need assistance, please feel free to contact us for support at any time.