Stand Out, Make Your Events More Unique

Last Updated on October 7, 2021

Every event planner wants their work to stand out – that’s a given. It’s a crowded space these days, and we’re not just talking about event management – virtually every field is flooded with hopefuls due in large part to the advent of mass communication. Distinguishing one’s self requires true creativity, and if you sit back you’re going to be lost in a sea of noise.

Competitive, creative event planners can make their events more unique by paying attention to a few core areas, and tweaking things just a bit, just enough to be seen as going against the grain.  There is always risk in stepping outside the comfort zone, but if you’re the event planner that gets it right, you may start seeing the jobs roll in.

Focus On A New Angle

Do homework on the industry you’re event is promoting, and understand all the topics currently being discussed at other industry events. Can you find an emerging perspective that will draw a thought-leader crowd? Better yet, are you able to present fresh topics that none of your competitors seem to have touched on that your guests would be interested in hearing about?

Tip: certain event management companies establish themselves as “thought leaders” in one field. This generally takes time and total emersion in a particular field, but pays off making them the go-to team for all things related to said-field. 

Get Creative With Your Venue

Don’t just book out another conference hall and call it a day – that’s boring. It’s what pretty much everyone’s doing for their events. While you may not want to break the bank on deco, consider ditching the conference hall for something a bit more memorable; a bit more ‘out there.’ A lakeside cabin, a rustic farmhouse, a bowling ally, a cruise liner; these locations may not be typically used for corporate meet-ups, but who says they can’t be.

Hint: don’t forget what you require of a venue, but view the possibilities of a unique space with an open mind. A kick-ass space may meet all your needs, and more. 

Hire An Up-And-Coming Guest Speaker

Celebrity isn’t always what an event needs. Ask around within an industry for someone new on the scene whose making waves, getting published, starting cool projects, and being written about. A few lesser-known speakers or experts who may be more eager to speak could offer some adrenaline at the perfect moment. Often that new speaker provides a new perspective even a seasoned expert cannot.

Tip: a lesser-known keynote is more likely to self-promote the engagement and in turn, your event.

Bring In More Technology

When in doubt, more gadgets always help – consider hiring someone to code an app specifically for your event; consider an app that allows guests to engage with your speakers or vendors on a completely new level. You could bring in automated presenters. And we love the idea of Telepresence robots. Invite people to attend who can’t make from all corners of the world – right from their computer.

Speaking of tech…try a Tweetwall at your next event. Tweetwalls aren’t boring!

Whether you’re an event planner or working in another industry, you want to stand out from your competitors. Hopefully, we’ve provided a few tips and your creativity will kicked into gear. Distinguishing yourself from the crowd with your next event.