Five Things All Event Professionals Should Own

Last Updated on October 7, 2021

Are you an event professional? Are you judged on the success of each and every event you put on? If so, you understand the importance of being organized and on the ball at all times. After all, it only takes one slip-up to cause a major disaster.

Even though every event professional has their own system and tools, there are things that can help take your approach to the next level.

Below are five things all event professionals should own:

1. A smartphone: This isn’t a problem for most, but some are still living in the past. Your smartphone can be used for everything from taking notes to communicating with speakers to tracking what attendees are saying on social media. This technology is definitely the best friend of most event planners.

2. Emergency kit: Just when you think everything is going as planned, just as your event looks to be a success, something bad happens. An emergency kit could save you in more ways than one. This should include items such as stain remover, pens, papers, and backup batteries. The more experience you have the easier it is to decide which items deserve space in your emergency kit. Keep a larger one in your car and a smaller one on you for easy access to things when you need them most. 

3. Spare cell phone charger: Can you think of anything worse than a dead phone during an important event? Don’t let this happen to you. Keep a spare charger close by at all times. Not only could this save you, but you could help somebody else who finds their battery running low. It is also a good idea to carry a few since sometimes they seem to just wander off. Keeping a spare battery pack on you at all times can be helpful for charging on the go. 

4. Camera: You have one on your phone, but that may not be enough to get you through an event. With a camera on hand, you can take promo photos for both yourself (blog, Instagram, etc) as well as your clients as an added value. It will also come in handy if your photographer is a no show.

Tip: you don’t have to carry your camera everywhere. Just make sure it is close by if you need it.

5. Extra pair of shoes and clothing: This may sound silly, but you never know when a spill, rip, or broken heel will attempt to ruin your day. Throw an extra pair of shoes and clothing in your car or a spare room at the venue. If something happens, it will only take a few minutes to make a change and resume activity. Feeling great and looking great is key! 

Final Word

As an event professional, these five things can go a long way in helping you achieve success. Even if you have to make some changes to your approach, you will find yourself better off in the end.