What is a Content Source, and are there any limits?

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The short answer is that Content Sources are the social network, service, or platform that we are pulling the content from. Then for each Content Source, you tell us what content from that content source that you want us to bring into Everwall.

We currently support X (Twitter), Instagram, LinkedIn, Direct (Web Form), SMS (Text/Photo Messages)SlackWebex, Email, RSS, Dropbox, and Everwall Connect as Content Sources.

You can mix and match multiple content sources, and we’ll show them all on the same social wall—there are no limits to how many content sources you can have on any of our offerings. And while we don’t impose a limit to the number of hashtags on the different content sources (like Instagram and X), we generally recommend you keep it to your primary hashtags only to reduce the chance of unwanted posts.

Some platforms do impose their own limitations, for example:

  • Instagram has a soft limit of 30 hashtags per 7-day rolling window. We do not have control over this in any way, but if you reach this limit, Instagram may temporarily prevent you from monitoring additional hashtags until new slots become available in your rolling 7-day window.
  • Instagram does not make certain post types available to us (or any third parties), like Stories.
  • On platforms that support multiple pictures (Instagram, Facebook, and X), we only pull in the first picture with the post.

While we do not limit the number of hashtags you can monitor for on X (Twitter), they do have post limits based on the Everwall product type and service level.

  • Self-Service Event Social Walls:
    • With Standard Support: 10,000 Posts Per Event Day
    • With Premium Support: 50,000 Posts Per Event Day
  • Full-Service Event Social Walls:
    • 50,000 Posts Per Event Day
  • VIP-Service Event Social Walls:
    • 100,000 Posts Per Event Day (we can make exceptions to this limit, depending on the event needs)
  • Digital Signage (Ongoing Walls):
    • With Standard Support: 1,000 Posts Per Day
    • With Premium Support: 2,000 Posts Per Day
  • Social Media Hubs:
    • With Standard Support: 1,000 Posts Per Day
    • With Premium Support: 2,000 Posts Per Day

FAQ last updated on June 13th, 2024

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