What is a Content Source, and are there any limits?

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Content sources are your way to tell us what to monitor for. For example, if you wanted to display posts from Twitter on your social wall, you would add the Twitter content source, and then configure the hashtags that you wanted us to monitor for.

We currently support Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Direct (Web Form), SMS (Text/Photo Messages)SlackWebex, Email, RSS, Dropbox, and Everwall Connect as Content Sources.

You can mix and match multiple, and we’ll show them all on the same wall—there are no limits. For Twitter and Instagram, you can also set up multiple hashtags to be monitored for, but typically we recommend you keep it to your primary hashtags only to reduce the chance of unwanted posts. While we do not limit the number of posts we pull in, Instagram, for example, may rate limit you if they think you’re pulling in too much content.

FAQ last updated on April 21st, 2023

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