Do you support Instagram?

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Yes, we support Instagram. Depending on the type of Instagram account you have, you can either pull in only your own content (a personal account), or you can pull in any public content that uses a hashtag (requires a business account).

Personal Instagram Accounts

For a personal Instagram account, you will only be given the option to pull in all posts from your account. You can optionally filter your own posts to those that include a specific hashtag.

We only support Feed posts, and do not support Story posts.

Business Instagram Accounts

For a business account, you can pull in all content from your own account(s), and you can also set it up to pull in any public post that includes a hashtag that you specify. You can monitor Instagram for multiple hashtags, and we’ll pull in any post that uses one of the hashtags you specify, as long as it’s a public post. We cannot display posts from a private account.

We only support Feed posts, and do not support Story posts.

How to add Instagram to your Social Wall

To add it to your social wall, do the following:

  1. Edit your existing social wall, or start creating a new social wall, and on the “Content” page of the builder, click on the Instagram icon (if you are editing a social wall with other sources, the option to add it is in the “Add Another Source” button below the other sources you’ve setup).
  2. You will then get a prompt asking you if you want to show public content (requires a business account) or only your own content, select the appropriate option.
  3. Then, follow the steps to add it to your account and activate it.
    • If you chose the Public Content option, after authorizing Instagram to work with your Everwall account, you’ll be able to add your hashtags.
    • If you chose the Personal account option, you’ll then have the ability to add a hashtag the must be in your own posts to get pulled in.

For more details on adding Instagram (with screenshots), we have the following tutorials that you can review:

FAQ last updated on May 30th, 2024

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