Include Text Messages on your Social Wall.

Everwall Supports SMS (Text Messages) in 17 Countries. And MMS (Pictures) in the US and Canada.

Start Your SMS Wall Now

Supported around the world.

Everwall has support for providing dedicated SMS numbers in 17 countries. When you enable SMS, you get your own dedicated number. It’s not shared, meaning you do not need to have your guests include specific words or hashtags in their SMS messages.

  • Due to constantly changing local regulations, numbers from some countries may be at times unavailable or require manual work to setup for your event (for example, Spain). You are encouraged to reach out to us in advance of your event to ensure we can service you.
  • We work with multiple providers in the US, Canada, UK, France, and Australia to ensure that we can always service these countries.

SMS Support is a paid upgrade.

To cover the extra costs to offer SMS, SMS is:
$19 per event day for Event Walls, and $149 per month for Digital Signage and Social Media Hubs

SMS (Text Messages)

Standard Text messages are supported in all countries we support. We’ll attempt to combine messages longer than 160 characters into a single message post within Everwall.

MMS (Picture Messages)

In the United States and Canada only, we support Picture Messages (Movies are not supported). These messages do not require a text component, but if included we show both.

Works with all of our other great social wall features.

Completely Real-time

Like everything else on Everwall, SMS messages are displayed on your social wall in real-time. As soon as they’re sent, they’re checked, and then displayed (or added to your moderation queue).

Filters & Moderation

Easily filter out profanity, keywords or phrases, @users, probable spam and more. Display posts automatically, or after you’ve reviewed them.
Your social wall is under your control.


Show the top participants ranked by post engagement, times they mention your hashtags, or by how many followers they have. Your guests have never been so engaged at an event.

Perfect for Private Events

If you’re doing an intimate event—maybe one that’s not publicly shared at all—there’s no better way to allow everyone to be engaged. Seriously, who doesn’t have a mobile phone these days? Exactly.


How does the SMS / MMS integration work?

When you enable an SMS number, you get assigned a “long” number in the country of your choice. Currently we support SMS in 17 countries (United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Malaysia, Netherlands, Poland, Puerto Rico, Sweden, Switzerland). Picture messaging (MMS) is only available in the United States and Canada at this time.

Anytime someone sends a message to your number, we check it against any filters you’ve enabled and then if it passes those, it gets displayed or put in moderation—depending on your settings.

The sender does not need to include anything special in the message, since the number is assigned directly to you. It is not shared with anyone else. So all your guests have to do is send an SMS and we’ll display the SMS on screens at your event.

If I enable SMS on my social wall, when do I get the phone number?

We reserve the phone number once the wall is purchased.  After it has been created and assigned to your wall (which may take a minute or two), we’ll send you an email with the phone number, and it’ll appear in your social wall’s Content Sources page as well—that way you can add it to marketing materials, etc.

How many phone numbers can I add to my social wall?

You can add up to three phone numbers in various countries and area codes.  You can only have one number per area code.

Do you offer “short code” SMS numbers?

By default we offer “long codes”, meaning they look like regular phone numbers for the countries they’re purchased in.  If you want a short code, we can also provide them, but they require manual setup since they have minimum contract terms, and depending on which country, other requirements attached to them.  We encourage you to reach out if you want a short code for your social wall.

Have more SMS questions? You can search for SMS in all our FAQs here.