Everwall Connect

How true partners integrate.

Start Your Social Wall Now

Everwall Connect is for integration partners.

If you’re here at this page because you were asked to provide Everwall Connect Codes—then, congratulations, you’ve found one of our integration partners.

The partners that use Everwall Connect are photo booths, event apps, and more, and it lets them post directly to your social wall without having to go through other social services—like Twitter or Instagram.

Everwall Direct Screenshot

Everwall Direct Get Started

Adding Everwall Connect to your Social Wall is easy.

  1. Edit your social wall, and go to the Content Sources screen.
  2. Click on the Everwall Connect icon below your Content Sources.
  3. Finally, click on the Enable Everwall Connect button.

That’s it! You’ll now see your Wall Code and Connect Code so that you can provide it to our partner.

Are you a developer wanting to integrate?

Everwall Connect is a partnership between you and Everwall.  We don’t just let anyone in.  Let’s chat!

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