I don’t want to manually approve every post, can I setup rules for which posts to show?

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Your social wall can be setup to operate in several different ways. One of the largest considerations is if you want to allow just filters to decide if a post should be shown, or if you want a human to make that decision. If allowing our filters to decide, then you wont have to manually approve any posts.

If you’ve chosen for a human to have to review it first (Manual Moderation), then the only option to not have to review it first would be to add the user to the Always Allowed User List. We do not recommend that for any accounts you do not 100% trust, though.

If you’re going with the filters only option, then, yes, you can set up rules to automatically filter out the posts you do not want to show, so you don’t have to manually approve every post. After adding a source to your wall for us to monitor (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.), you will see several options to filter posts that differ per content source. All content sources support adding specific accounts to the Always Allowed User List so they bypass moderation, or adding them to the Always Blocked User List so their posts are always blocked.

Globally for all content sources we also have additional filters such as the profanity filter, keyword filter, trending topic filter, and media filters.

To view more details on blocking users, always allowing users, or on filtering posts, please see the below tutorials:

FAQ last updated on June 20th, 2024

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