I want to reuse a wall a previously used for an event, how do I pay for it again?

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We do not support reusing the exact same wall, however, we do support duplicating an existing wall so that you can reuse the settings and its design, without having to build it from scratch again.

To duplicate your wall, log into your account and then go into your wall (keep in mind that if your last event was a while ago, it may be located under the Archived Walls section after logging in). The main page for your wall is called the “Overview” page, and you can confirm you’re there by looking at the menu on the left of the page—the Overview item will be orange. On the right side of that page is a button that has three dots on it, and if you click it options for that wall will appear. The first option is a “Duplicate Wall” option, and when you click that it’ll open a screen that asks you what portions of the wall you want to duplicate. Finally, just click on the “Duplicate Wall” button. When it’s done duplicating the wall, it’ll send you into the builder for you to make any edits you’d like.

FAQ last updated on July 1st, 2018

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