My wall keeps showing old posts, but that’s not what I want.

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When building your wall we ask you on the Content screen of the builder if you want Post Cycling enabled.  If left enabled, every X seconds (7 by default) we’ll take the oldest post on your wall, and cycle it back to the front of the wall. If you do not want us to cycle old posts back to the front, you can disable this by turning off Post Cycling on the Content screen of the builder.

There are a number of situations related to this that could complicate things and make your wall seem stale.  For example, in that same Post Cycling section on the Content screen we ask you how many posts to display on your wall.  If you increase this to a large number, it will make it so that the cycling process has a lot more posts to work with, and depending on your event, it may even make it so that you’re cycling posts from days ago to the front of your wall.

If you do not have post cycling enabled, and your wall is just not updating, but you know that there are new posts then there could be a couple of other possibilities.

  • For example, if the wall has lost its connection to the internet, it will just not update until it connects again.  To test this, just refresh the screen and see if it loads correctly.
  • Do you have full moderation enabled?  If so, make sure you’re moderating the posts so they appear on the wall.  You can get to post moderation by logging into your account and then going into your wall.  In the left menu, click on Posts, and then click on the “Moderation Queue” tab.  From there you can begin moderating and approved posts will appear on the wall.
  • Are you certain that there are new public posts happening on Twitter or Instagram (whatever sources you’re monitoring for)?  To check, go to Twitter or Instagram and log out, then use the search functions to search for new posts.  If you can see the posts that way, but they’re not in our system, you may need to import the posts manually.


FAQ last updated on July 1st, 2018

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