I think my social wall is missing posts. What could be wrong?

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The most common cases for “missing posts” is that you’ve purchased full moderation, but have not moderated the posts; you’ve accidentally configured a block word that’s catching posts that you actually want; you did in fact setup the monitoring terms incorrectly; or, finally, that you enabled the Retweet Filter, and it’s preventing those posts from appearing but you want them.

To see exactly what is going on, we have to go through a couple of steps to ensure that things are setup how you want.

Check that the monitoring items are setup correctly.

Manage Sources ShortcutLog into your account, and then on your social wall, click on the link to view your content sources. You can use the shortcut shown in the image, or you can click on Edit in the header, and then navigate to the Content Sources page.

Now, for whatever content sources that you feel you’re missing content from, click on the Edit button, and verify it’s all set up correctly.

Did you purchase Full-Moderation? If so, moderate the posts.

This one is simple to overlook, and many do. If you’ve purchased full-moderation, then the posts could be just sitting in the moderation queue waiting for you to moderate them.  If that’s likely you, click on Posts in the left menu, then click on Moderation Queue, and finally, the Start Moderating button.

Did you add a block word that’s catching too much stuff?

Example of Keyword Blocks SectionBlock words are managed on the Content Sources page when you created the social wall.  You can get teh by clicking on the Manage Sources link, like in the image above, or click on the Edit button in the top header.  Once on that page, scroll down to the Moderation and Content Filters section, and review and/or change anything you need.

Are you missing a Retweet?

Since Retweets are Twitter specific, you have to edit the Twitter settings, which are setup on the Content Sources page. From your Overview page, click on the X Monitoring Items link next to Twitter, and that’ll take you straight into the Twitter settings.  From there scroll down to the Block Retweets? heading, and turn it off.

Other things to think about.

We cannot show posts that are sent by a non-public user. If an account is “protected” on Twitter or Instagram there is no way for use to display them, even if your account that you’ve authenticated with us can.

Finally, if you think there should be posts on your wall, and they are not there, contact support. We can determine exactly why posts are missing by looking at all of these settings, as well as logs, and provide the appropriate solution to fix it.

FAQ last updated on March 7th, 2022

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