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I think my social wall is missing posts. What could be wrong?

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The most common case for “missing posts” is that either you have accidentally configured a block word that’s catching posts, or that you enabled the Retweet Filter, and it’s preventing those posts from appearing. To see if either of those are occurring, on the posts page, click on the “Blocked Queue” heading to see the posts that have been blocked.

We cannot show posts that are sent by a non-public user. If an account is “protected” on Twitter or Instagram there is no way for use to display them, even if your account that you’ve authenticated with us can.

Another possibility is that the terms that you setup to monitor are setup incorrectly. If you think there should be posts on your wall, and they are not there, contact support. We can determine exactly why posts are missing and provide the appropriate solution to fix it.

FAQ last updated on December 27th, 2019

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