I just purchased a wall and it is active, but there are no posts on my wall. Why are they not on my wall?

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When you purchased your wall, if you are already on the event day, or if you’re within the 72-hour pre-event monitoring window we’ll automatically import recent posts.  Depending on the volume of posts for your event and how recently they were made, we may not import all of them. Once the purchase is made and if you’re in your monitoring window, we’ll monitor in real-time from that point onward.

In addition to the automatic import, we also support manual imports. To use the import tool, you can go to your posts page within your account and in the options menu you’ll find a link to an import tool that’ll let you import recent posts onto your wall.

If there are Tweets that have been sent since you purchased your wall (and your wall is live), contact support in case there is something misconfigured.

FAQ last updated on December 27th, 2019

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