How to Moderate your Social Wall

Last updated on June 20th, 2024

Managing Content

Moderation queue

Moderation Queue Overview

When Full Moderation is enabled, posts will be checked against the filters you’ve configured before being placed in the Moderation Queue. They will remain in this queue until a human reviews them and decides whether to move them to the Displayed, Blocked, or Stashed queues.

This tutorial will show you how to moderate your social wall posts.


How to Moderate Posts

Step 1: To access the post in the Moderation Queue, click on the Posts link in the left menu to go to the Posts page.

Post Menu Link

Step 2: You will be redirected to the Displayed Queue, and at the top of the page you can see the different queues. Click the Moderation Queue tab to access the posts under that queue. If you only see the Displayed Posts and Blocked Posts tabs, then your social wall does not have moderation enabled, and you’ll need to enable it first.

NOTE: If moderation is enabled, posts won’t be displayed on your wall until you begin moderating and approve them.

Moderation queue tab

Step 3: Click the big Start Moderating button to display posts and start moderating and approving them.

Start moderating button

Step 4: Once you Start moderating the system will assign you up to 20 posts, which, by default, will be the oldest posts in the Moderation Queue.

Moderation queue posts

Step 5: To moderate posts, you can choose from the options on the right side of the post.

  • To display a post, click the approve button (green with check mark).

Display post icon

  • To block posts, click the block button (red with blocked symbol).

block post

  • To stash it, click the Stash button (yellow with flag icon).

Stashed post

  • If you need to edit the text for any reason, or make the images screen reader compliant, click the Captions button (blue with pencil icon).
Edit caption

Editing the caption

Step 1: When you click the Edit caption icon, an edit caption window will appear to customize the Post Caption or Media Caption. You may enter the caption you want to post on our social wall.

  • Click the Load Post’s Original text button to load the original text post in the text box.
  • Click the Clear Text button if you want to clear all the text inside the text box and restore the post to what the user submitted.
Edit caption window

Step 2: If the post has any media, you will be able to also add text in the Media Caption section. This text is used by screen readers for people that are using them. It also adds that text as “alt” text for the image and can be considered for SEO purposes by search engines. The only time a user can directly interact with this text is if you are using a Social Media Hub on your website.

Step 3: After editing the caption(s), click the Save Caption button to save the changes.

Save caption button


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