Whether you have an office or a retail store, show a social wall year-round.

One flat monthly rate, one awesome social wall (and embed for your website).

How It Works

When building a social wall, instead of providing specific dates you can optionally select the option to make it an ongoing wall. When you make an ongoing wall you will not be charged for each day it’s active like our normal walls are, and instead will only be billed one flat monthly fee.

The pricing is simple, it’s just $99 per month. Or, you can save ~20% by opting to pay $949 annually.

To make our ongoing social walls so affordable versus the daily pricing, there is a 1 year contract.  After the first year, you can cancel at any time.

Completely Customizable

Ongoing social walls are exactly the same as our self-service social walls, you just aren’t billed for each one. Because of that, customization is also exactly the same as our self service offering—you can customize the colors, layouts, images, use leaderboards and include your logos (or your sponsors). If that’s not enough, if you contact us, we can build you a custom template instead.

24×7 Email Support

When you need us, we’re here. Our support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you with any questions you may have.

Twitter, Instagram, Slack, SMS, Web Forms, and more

Even though we invented the Tweetwall, we support more than just Tweets. In fact, you don’t even have to have Twitter on your social wall at all, you can create an Instagram wall if you want that only shows Instagram posts. Or, if you don’t want your messages to be public, we also support Slack, SMS / MMS (Text messaging and Picture Messaging), Everwall Connect, and a private Web Form that lets your team privately upload text and images to the social wall.

There are no additional cost for using any of our sources. Mix and match them all on the same social wall.

Free Website Embed

In addition to being able to show your ongoing social wall on screens around the office, or at your store, you can also get people engaged online by embedding your social wall onto your website. Website embedding is included for no additional cost.

Optional Add-ons

  • Full moderation (you do it): Additional $49 per month
  • Managed moderation (we do it): $799 per month
  • Everwall branding: You can remove our branding for $49/mo (and replace our logo with a second logo).
  • SMS Support: Additional $149 per month.
  • Website Embed: Free

Social Media Digital Signage

Perfect for the lobby in your office, a fancy social media war room, or permanent signage at your store or venue.

per month, per wall (1-year contract applies)

Includes 3-hour trial

Create your Digital Signage

or take the tour

Included in Social Media Digital Signage

  • 24/7 Email-based customer service
  • Watch Twitter, Instagram, Slack, and 4 others
  • 1k Twitter posts per day (All others Unlimited)
  • Realtime updates
  • Display on unlimited screens
  • Embed your Social Wall on your website, too!
  • 12 layouts + hundreds of design options
  • Announcements, Polls, Leaderboards
  • Advanced Stats
  • Pay with credit/debit cards
  • Invoicing available if over $1k annually
  • Full moderation — add $49/mo
  • Everwall branding removal — add $49/mo
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