I see that you support showing leaderboards on the Tweetwall, how are they ranked?

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We currently offer four types of leaderboards: Engagement, Interactions, Followers, and Custom Leaderboards.

  1. Engagement Leaderboard – This leaderboard is designed to encourage people to get other people to respond to or to retweet their Tweets that are using your event’s hashtag. The leaderboard is only recommended if you’re only using Twitter as a content source.
  2. Interactions Leaderboard – The Interactions leaderboard counts the number of times that an individual has had a post appear on your social wall. Each time a post is approved to be shown on your wall, their count will increase by 1. This leaderboard supports all of our content sources, such as Twitter and Instagram, and is the recommended choice for most events.
  3. Followers Leaderboard – The Followers leaderboard looks at the number of followers a person has, and ranks them by that number. Currently, only Twitter shares this data with us, so this leaderboard is only useful if your social wall uses Twitter as its only content source.
  4. Custom Leaderboard – Custom Leaderboards are our newest edition of leaderboards, and with it you control exactly how users are ranked. Since you are in full control, you can enter the names, usernames, and values to rank them. Most events that use this leaderboard type are doing contests outside of Everwall, and then use this option to reflect the current rankings on their social walls.

With the Interactions Leaderboard and the Custom Leaderboard. you can encourage participants to actively engage and compete like earning points to win.


FAQ last updated on June 26th, 2023

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