This is the Everwall changelog, a place where we provide updates anytime we make any notable changes to Everwall.

Self-Service Builder Content Page Updates

Today we launched a significant amount of changes to the Wall Content page of the builder.

Among the changes were better navigation for editing and deleting content sources, like Twitter and Instagram. And cleaned up the filtering section to be more navigable.

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New Layout: Multi-column Waterfall

We’re excited to release a new layout that we’re calling the Multi-column Waterfall.

The new layout allows you to have between four and eight columns (seven if showing a leaderboard, poll, etc) and the posts come in at the top, and get pushed off the bottom.

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Navigation Changes

We’ve updated the navigation to easier get in and out of the account area. Now you’ll find direct links to all of the important pages within the account portion of your account.

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Slack Image and Message Changes

Do you use Slack? If so, we have a major update for you! Today we released significant upgrades to how we handle images and support for additional message types.

In the recent past, we often couldn’t pull in images from Slack, and that’s now been fixed. We know this was a major headache for many of you.

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Polling Changes

Today we rolled out a number of changes to Polling, primarily targeted to support future features, and providing a few nice options for our Full Service team now.

Our API now supports the ability for custom integrations to log votes for categories in a poll. In other words, we can now build touch screen voting into your full service walls, so your guests don’t need to vote via Twitter or Instagram. They can use iPads / Tablets / Touch Screens to vote.

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