Social Media Wall Builder

A simple, straightforward builder for your social wall

Use the builder to define what you want to show on your social wall—by defining hashtags, keywords, phrases or @users.

Then use our customization options to design your social wall. Each design template is built to be beautiful. You can’t go wrong.


Keep your attendees informed

Post announcements to your social wall—either manually or on a schedule you define—and keep your attendees up to date.


Take a vote

Let your attendees vote via Twitter and Instagram and see the result real-time on your social wall.

Broadcast your social wall

Use a modern browser or one of our apps to broadcast your social wall

Compatible with the latest versions of Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, or use our OS X, iPad or Chrome apps for an even better experience.


Watch Twitter

Yes, it's true, we did invent the Tweetwall in 2008. And yes, just to confirm, we still support displaying Twitter in real-time.


Monitor Instagram

We can monitor Instagram for your hashtags, too, and instantly display Instagram photos inline with the post's text.


Listen to Slack

We can monitor Slack and instantly display posts from any of your channels on your screens — perfect for your office.


Get Texts

SMS (text) and MMS (multimedia) means everyone can join in. We offer SMS in 17 countries (US and Canada support MMS, too).

Web Form

Stay Private

We offer a completely private Web Form, and it has localization for 9 different languages. You can upload a photo from it too.

Everwall Direct

Be Direct

We work with many partners around the world, including quite a few that can post direct to your social wall via Everwall Direct.


Real-time leaderboards get your attendees in the game

Rank those engaged with your event using one of our three leaderboards and showcase the thought leaders on your social wall. Get their name on the screen, and see engagement flourish.


Advanced filters to make your life easy

Across all sources (Twitter, Instagram, Slack, Direct) you can automatically block posts with our profanity filter, trending topic filter, and several others.

Additionally, each source has it's own blacklist, whitelist and source specific filters to help you block out unwanted posts. We make managing your social wall easy.


Full moderation & managed moderation

There's always a risk with only using automated filters that something might slip through, so we also provide the ability for you to moderate your wall, which means a human can read the post and look at the pictures before they're shown.

And, if you don't have someone on your team available to moderate your wall, we have a team of moderators available 24/7 to moderate your wall for you.


We keep track of all of your wall's activity, real-time

We track volume, unique reach, total reach, who the influencers were and more. And since we know it's important to you, we keep the data forever.

Website Embed

Your social wall is not just for at your event, broadcast it on your site, too

Use our social wall embed builder to easily create code you can copy-and-paste, or go all out with our raw embed and style it exactly as you please.

And yes, this is really streaming live right now, so go ahead and send a Tweet including #kittens and see it here instantly.

Learn more about our Social Feed Embed

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