Embed a Twitter Feed on your Website

Or, you can embed an Instagram Feed, too. We're flexible like that.

Easy Setup

Copy and paste simplicity

All of our social walls support embedding onto your website. It's included free of charge, so whether you have a single day event, or you want it on your website year-round, you can do that.

Since our social social media widget is just a text snippet, you can include it on any website you can access the HTML code for. From simple Wordpress installations to fully custom websites, we support it.

You can do much more than just embed Twitter a feed, you can embed any of our sources. Mix and match as you please.




About this Example

This is a very basic embed that shows you the standard styling.

You can customize it to show or hide pictures, links, avatars and more.

For those of you that really want to get under the covers, you can fully customize all of the css as well.

Live Example Embed

Why should I use Everwall's embed?

Monitoring Flexibility

Pull posts into your website embed from Twitter containing any number of hashtags, keywords, posts mentioning a user or from any public account. Or, if Instagram is your thing, you can also pull in posts from Instagram that have any hashtag you desire and display them. And don't forget, you can combine any or all of our other sources, like Slack, too.

Filters & Moderation

Filters let you block specific keywords, or users from your embed. You can even use our predefined filters, like our profanity filter, to help out.

If you need something more robust, we offer the ability for you to use full moderation so you can approve every post before it's shown.

Completely Real-time

Our entire platform runs in real-time, so the moment something gets posted, it'll appear in your website's embed immediately, Or, if you've opted to moderate your wall, it'll appear in your moderation console instantly for you to approve it first, and then get displayed as soon as you approve it.

What does it cost?

Embedding is included *free* with all date-based "per event" social walls. If you want only the embed on an ongoing basis, it starts at $99 per month.

Like all great things in life, our service is not free. In order to monitor Twitter, Instagram, and the other sources we monitor, we have to run a lot of servers. And then, to have a fully redundant infrastructure that can reliably deliver the embed to your end users quickly, it takes even more servers scattered throughout the world.

What you get by paying for our service is piece of mind that our service will not go away, that it's reliable no matter how much traffic you get, and that you can completely control the content—which every free solution out there lacks.

Are you a non-profit, educational customer, or with any government organization? If so, we offer a 20% discount. Find out more here.

Ongoing Website Embed
per month
You setup and customize your social embed in minutes using our online builder.

If you want full moderation, add $49/mo.

How to embed a Twitter feed, or an Instagram feed, on your website

Step 1: Building a Social Wall

At Everwall, embedding a social feed on your website is just a single feature of the overall social wall product we offer. When you build a social wall, you also get the ability to display it full screen and use many of our other tools, like announcements, analytics, moderation and more.

Because it's part of the overall social wall solution we offer, the first step is to build a social wall on our platform. The most important part will be deciding if you want it for just a few days, or if you want to have the embed for an extended period. There are prices involved, so we'll leave it to you to make the best decision, but for most of you wanting to embed a Twitter or Instagram feed for the long term on your website, you'll want to pick the option to make it an ongoing wall (actually, an ongoing website embed in this case).

Step 2: Building Your Hashtag Feed Embed

After you have built your wall, you'll see a link in the left menu called, Embed, and that'll take you to our embed builder so you can embed your social wall onto your website.

There are two types of embeds that we offer, the first is a stylized embed — which is the easiest to do — and the second option is what we call a raw embed.

When going with the stylized embed, you can pick if you want the embed to expand vertically, or if it should scroll; you can set the width in pixels or percentages; and finally you can set how many posts you want to show.

If you really want to customize it further, you can click the link to show the advanced options and get really customized. Take note of the "Use our default styling?" option if you want to customize it a ton with your own CSS.

Step 3: Embed it onto your website!

That's it, you're done—and, now you have an awesome Twitter or Instagram feed for your website!

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