You can customize anything with Everwall.

Not only are our designs flexible and allow nearly everything to be changed, if you need more, you can customize the code.

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Use our online code editor to edit anything.

We allow you to include your own custom HTML, CSS, and Javascript so that you can customize anything. We’ll even host your images for you if you want.

Using Custom Code is available on all Event or Social Media Digital Signage. You’ll find it on the Wall Design screen of the Social Wall Builder.

There’s a one-time additional cost of $99 to use this feature.

Custom Code Editor

2021 NACo Conference

Make simple changes, or rewrite everything.

We’re not kidding, after you’ve had some time to get used to how Everwall does it’s real-time streaming, we have a template that’s essentially blank with just the basics you need, so you can start from scratch, if you want.

For most people, making a few changes here or there is all they need, though.

This example wall customized their font, the leaderboard colors and details shown, the background and more.

If you don’t have a developer, but still want something custom, no worries!

We have a team of designers and developers that can build you anything your heart desires. We have two options if you need something custom—you can go with a custom template, or you can go full service.

Both get you a custom template, but Full Service gets you a dedicated account manager and other benefits during your event.

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