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Pepperdine University

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Pepperdine University

In 2019, Andrew K. Benton—the long-time President at Pepperdine University—announced his planned retirement, and the team at Pepperdine wanted to put together a celebration event for his 19 years of service. By using Everwall, the community was able to post tributes to President Benton that appeared on screen during the event.

They created a hashtag, #ThankYouAKB, which allowed President Benton to see the tributes at the event, as well as follow the hashtag on Twitter and Instagram to see the posts. Additionally, they used the Web Form feature of Everwall, for the guests that were not on social media.

Everwall created a custom social wall for the event—and because you can reuse the templates that Everwall creates for future events—we took into account that it should be general enough for future events. The final result was a nice blend of Pepperdine branding on the social wall that could be used for a long time to come.

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Pepperdine Social Wall
We researched about 4-5 different companies and had calls with all of them. Everwall offered us the best solution at the most reasonable price. Their customer service was top-notch and they were very responsive to all of our questions. The backend was very user friendly.

Shannon Clark
Pepperdine University

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