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LA Opera Simulcast

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LA Opera Simulcast

Each year, LA Opera transmits a live high-definition video feed of an LA Opera stage performance to nearby Santa Monica Pier (dubbed Opera At The Beach) and Columbia Regional Park in Torrance (dubbed Opera At The Park). When LA Opera reached out to Everwall, they were looking to increase social media interactions, and get their guests engaged and talking about the event.

Now, for the fourth consecutive year, we’re still helping LA Opera get their guests engaged.

Everwall built LA Opera a fully custom social wall, which pulled in real-time posts from Twitter and Instagram, and displayed them on large screens in the park and on the pier until the performance began.

In 2019, LA Opera received over 4,000 posts about their event and it was a success!

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LA Opera Social Wall
We love the engagement Everwall provides!

Vanessa Flores Waite
Director Of Communications, LA Opera

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