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Docusign Momentum

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Docusign Momentum

DocuSign MOMENTUM gathered industry luminaries and forward thinkers from around the globe for a fast-paced and entertaining exchange of ideas about how to expand and integrate digital processes.

DocuSign planned two events, one on San Fransisco, and the other in London a few months later. The goal of including Everwall was to increase engagement in new and unique ways, and to also be able to re-use the social wall assets for both events.

Everwall designed them a fully custom social wall in both portrait and landscape orientations for placement around the venues, but also a unique “ticker” style LED wall that spanned hundreds of feet long and showed the social media posts in a scrolling feed designed to be a unique show piece in the San Fransisco event.

By showing a social wall prominently, DocuSign was able to increase engagement with their hashtag, garner more brand recognition, and ultimately showed over 5,000 posts on the social wall, which reached nearly 14 million unique users on Twitter and Instagram.

We’ve now helped DocuSign with social media walls at 10 other events (and probably more by the time you’ve read this).

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Docusign Landscape Social Wall
Everwall enabled DocuSign to display in realtime the digital conversations taking place during DocuSign MOMENTUM. Showing the digital conversations in a visually appealing way encouraged more attendees to participate and increased our event engagement rates.

Mat Rider
Head of Global Social Media, DocuSign

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