Whether you have an office or a retail store, show a social wall year-round.

One flat monthly rate, one awesome social wall (and embed for your website).

Meant for long-term usage

Whether you need it for the lobby in your office, a fancy social media war room, or for permanent signage at your venue our ongoing walls are the solution for you. For just $99 per month you can have a single ongoing social wall to show off Twitter, Instagram and/or Slack in real-time on your website and on screens, for however long you’d like.

Customizable, exactly how you want it to be

By default ongoing social walls are built using our online builder, but if you get in touch, we can custom build a social wall template that perfectly meets your installation’s needs.

Included with each Social Media Digital Signage

  • 24/7 Email-based customer service
  • Full moderation — add $49/mo
  • Everwall branding removal — add $49/mo
  • Watch Twitter, Instagram, Slack, and 9 others
  • 1k Twitter posts per day (All others Unlimited)
  • Realtime updates
  • Display on unlimited screens
  • Embed your Social Wall on your website, too!
  • 12 wall layouts w/ hundreds of design options
  • Announcements
  • Polls
  • Leaderboards
  • Advanced Stats

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Social Media Digital Signage

Perfect for the lobby in your office, a fancy social media war room, or permanent signage at your store or venue.

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