Support for Instagram Business Profiles

Published on January 3, 2019

Today we are proud to announce the public availability for Instagram Business Profiles on Everwall.

Instagram Business Profile support means that we are able to support pulling in public posts from Instagram by hashtag. We can also pull in all posts from the @account that you authenticated.

The difference between a Personal Account and a Business Account lies not only with the type of data we can pull in, but also in how you’ve configured it with Instagram and Facebook (Instagram’s owner).

To convert your account from a Personal Account to a Business Account and therefore be able to pull in public posts by hashtags, you can follow the instructions here.

While this was already a massive undertaking for us to build, we understand that not everyone can or wants to convert their account to a Business Profile. For those users, inside Everwall, the “old” Instagram has now been labeled as an “Instagram Personal Account” , and still works to allow you to pull in posts from your own @account. You can now also filter your own posts by hashtags (but can’t pull in posts from other people using those hashtags).

Instagram and Facebook continue to go through a ton of changes, but we’ll always continue to do our best to support the Instagram platform for your social walls.

If you have any questions at all about how this may affect your events, please reach out.