What IPs / domains should my IT department whitelist?

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Because Everwall uses worldwide load balancing with servers all over the world, we cannot provide a list of IPs to whitelist. However, most company firewall programs allow you to whitelist specific domains.

If your company firewall software supports wildcard entries, you should be able to whitelist *.everwall.com and not run into any issues displaying Everwall.

If you must specify each individual domain, then you’ll want to whitelist the following domains:

  • everwall.com
  • account.everwall.com
  • cdn.everwall.com
  • stream.everwall.com
  • your_chosen_name.everwall.com (you pick this in the first step of building your social wall)

Additionally, we use a few third party services for fonts and features that you’ll want to whitelist, depending on your settings:

  • use.fortawesome.com
  • use.typekit.net
  • fast.fonts.net
  • fonts.googleapis.com
  • If you enable showing animated GIFs
    • Instagram: scontent.cdninstagram.com
    • Twitter: twitter.com

FAQ last updated on September 24th, 2019

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