Social Media Hubs: A General Overview

Last updated on December 7th, 2023

Social Media Hubs

A Social Media Hub is essentially a social wall that you can embed on your website, or in an app, and pulls in and displays the social media in an interactive way for people to see on your website (typically). Social Media Hubs are available individually, or as part of any event social wall or ongoing social wall at no extra cost.

Whether your event spans a single day, multiple days, or you wish to display social media content year-round on your digital signage, utilizing a Social Media Hub enables you to effortlessly showcase the same content on your website.

For the remainder of this overview, we’ll be discussing it as if you’re interested in using it standalone without it being attached to an Event Social Wall or Digital Signage.

Just like with Event Social Walls, you get all of the same capabilities, like aggregating posts from multiple content sources, post moderation capabilities, and integration support.


Social Media Aggregation

Everwall makes it simple and automated to collect social media posts from various social networks and seamlessly integrate them into your website as a unified social media feed, known as a Social Media Hub.

The best part is that there are no artificial restrictions on your aggregation capabilities. You can gather posts using as many hashtags, keywords, or @users as necessary from any of the content sources supported by our platform.

For a full list of content sources we support, go here.

Post Moderation

Regardless of the User Generated Content (UGC) you intend to feature, maintaining control over what gets displayed is important, and with Everwall, you have full control.

After we pull content into your Social Media Hub, you have the option to easily manage the content so you have full control over what is displayed on your Social Media Hub. You can either pre-approve content using Full Moderation or rely on the included filters, such as our profanity filter, trending topic filter, or keyword filters, to review and authorize the content. You can always remove content.

Moreover, you can block specific users from appearing on your hub or ensure that certain users are always permitted. We even offer manual content imports for added control if a post doesn’t use a hashtag you’re monitoring for.

Embeds & Integrations

Social Media Hubs offer the capability to embed the hub on your website using the provided snippet, and we additionally offer JSON, XML, and RSS feeds.

Through these feeds, you can effortlessly utilize our platform to gather social media content and subsequently integrate it into your preferred RSS Feed reader, a WordPress plugin, or connect it to any of the numerous no-code tools available.

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