Event Social Wall Service Levels

Last updated on October 31st, 2023

Creating a Social Wall

While setting up your social wall, you will be given options to select what service level you prefer.

Everwall offers four different service levels, which are:

Standard Support (Self-Service)

This service level is our base offering available for all Everwall products. You will be able to build and customize your social wall, and during your event, you can contact us through chat or email for assistance. Our support is available 24/7, and messages are addressed by multiple representatives in the order they are received. This service level costs $49/ event day.

If having a consistent point of contact is important to you, our Premium Support is the recommended option, which assigns you a Dedicated Account Manager.

Premium Support (Self-Service)

This service level is an upgrade to our standard self-service social wall offering and provides you with a Dedicated Account Manager. The account manager will be available to assist you during both the pre-event monitoring period and your actual event. You can reach out to them through various channels, including chat, email, Whatsapp, SMS (text messages), and phone during your event. This service level costs $299 per event day instead of the standard $49 per event day.

Please note: Despite the upgrade, the process of building your social wall remains the same. Once you make the purchase, we will assign a Dedicated Account Manager who will introduce themselves, address your inquiries, and provide you with the necessary contact information for future communication.

Full Service

This service level is designed for events that require premium support and a customized social wall beyond what our self-service option provides. With this option, you not only get a Dedicated Account Manager, but our team will also collaborate with you remotely to design, configure, and personalize your social wall according to your event requirements. Throughout your event, your Dedicated Account Manager will be available through chat, email, Whatsapp, SMS (text messaging), and phone to assist you with any needs you may have.

By choosing this option, you effectively expand your team to include Everwall. We can make necessary changes, closely monitor the proceedings to ensure smooth operations, and provide recommendations based on industry best practices.

Please note: Our Account Managers do not serve as post moderators. If post moderation is necessary for your event, we do offer Managed Moderation as a separate service, which is $199/day.

VIP Service

There is a fourth service level that the social wall builder does not offer, and that’s our VIP Service level. This level is one further step above full service, and must be purchased through our sales team. This service level will have Everwall sending a person to your event in-person to help you setup, run the social wall during the event, and then tear it all down. It also includes computers to power the wall (but not screens), and our team will even moderate the posts for you there on site.


More Details

These options are also listed on our Event Wall Pricing Page, and that page shows some of the finer details between each of the options.

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