Announcement General Overview

Last updated on February 15th, 2024


The Announcement feature is exclusively intended for Event Social Walls and Ongoing Social Walls (Digital Signage). If you are creating a Social Media Hub only, you won’t have access to this feature.

Announcement Types

Announcements will appear directly on the social wall and can be displayed in various layouts. We currently have four options for displaying an announcement, which are as a full screen announcement, as a lower third announcement, as a ticker announcement at the bottom of the social wall, or as an in-line announcement with the content.

How to Show Announcements

You can share event updates on your social wall at any time during the event. You can show them either manually or according to a schedule you set, ensuring your audience stays informed about all event developments.

At this time, only one announcement can be displayed at a time. If an announcement is already being shown on your social wall, clicking on the “Show Now” button will automatically hide the currently displayed announcement before showing the next one.

Learn More About Announcements

This is just a very basic overview for the Announcements feature. To read all the tutorials related to announcements, please go here.

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