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It's Instagram, Live!

Display Instagram Posts Within Seconds

We monitor Instagram constantly for your hashtags—whether your Instagram Wall is being displayed or not—so we can display posts with your event's hashtags seconds after they're sent.

Our systems are made for real-time—go real-time, with Everwall.

Fully Customizable

Make Your Instagram Wall Uniquely You

Pick from one of 12 layouts, then add your logos, a background image, change the colors to match—even set the perfect font. Your wall should—and with Everwall, can—perfectly match your event's personality.

Customize Your Instagram Wall Now

Great Bonus Features

Need to easily get information to your guests at your event? You can make announcements directly on your Instawall, too.


Let your attendees vote on polls and see the result real-time on your Instagram wall. They can vote via Instagram.


Get your attendees posting more about your event on Instagram with one of our three leaderboards.


You can always remove posts from your Instawall, or if you want, review them before they ever appear.

BlackList & Whitelists

Prevent specific accounts from ever appearing, or make sure certain accounts always show.

Completely Customizable

The most customizable Instagram wall available. Logos, colors, fonts, layouts and more.

Extremely Reliable

We're hosted in 7 data-centers in the US and EU to ensure your Instagram wall always works.

Always Realtime

Don't wait! Let the spontaneity of your guests be rewarded with instant gratification.

We support more than just Instagram







Mix and match as needed, and pull content from wherever your attendees are posting.

Most Common Uses

Conferences & Events

While everyone expects Twitter for events (we support them, too), almost all of the younger crowd swears by Instagram. They like to take photos and hashtag #nofilter them, or tell people about the #food they're eating at your event, and hopefully how #amazing your event is... why not show those awesome Instagram posts off on your own Instagram Wall?

Using an Instagram, or as some call it, an Instawall, at your event is really easy. You just create an account, and then use our builder to create your social wall (you can even support Twitter, SMS, and more). It only takes about 10 minutes, and when done you'll have a beautiful, fully customized Instagram Wall for your event.

It's not only easy to set up, it's even easier at the event. All you need to do is connect a laptop or chrome device to a screen, and it'll detect the screen as a monitor. Then just go full screen in your browser of choice, or use one of our apps, and that's it!

Concerts & Music Festivals

What's the first thing any festival goer wants to do after they see their favorite act at your music festival? Share it! And, using Everwall you can get them to do even more of it. Once they see their Instagram posts on screens at your festival, they'll be even more active and share far more posts about the event.

You can show your live Instagram feed in between sets, near vending booths, or on the side of stages live during acts. We event have lower third and ticker options if you don't want to distract too much.

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