When you need your Tweetwall

stand out, go full-service.

Unique design, hassle-free setup, engaged attendees. Trust us, you’ll look awesome.

Completely customizable

With our full service offering, we can customize anything on your social media wall for you. Custom colors, fonts, animations, layouts, anything—we do it for you according to your exact specs.

* See below for time limitations on customizing your Tweetwall... Sorry, we have to.

Dedicated account manager

You'll get an account manager who will work with you one-on-one leading up to and during your event to make sure it's a success. They'll coordinate with anyone on the Tweetwall team and anyone on your team, including your other contractors and partners to make sure your Tweetwall looks and works perfect, and there are no unexpected surprises on the day of your event. Once all the details are gathered they'll configure your Tweetwall for you, and work with our design team, or yours, to make the Tweetwall exactly match the mock.

You'll get direct contact information for your account manager—their email, office number, and their mobile phone number that you can call or text. They'll also be on call during your event ready to assist you, should you need their help for anything.

Help during your event

Your dedicated account manager will be available during your event to help out with just about anything you need during your event. From blocking a user, to tweaking terms to troubleshooting with your team—we're there for you.

* You get one hour of customization per event day, so if you have a 2-day event, you get two hours of customization included. Need more, it's just $110/hr. And don't worry, an hour goes very far, in fact, 87% of all full service events don't need more than the allotted customization time that comes with their wall—and those that did, those were some amazing social walls.

per event day, plus $1,000 setup
We design, setup, and customize your social wall to your specifications

Email & phone customer service

Dedicated account manager

Unlimited posts w/ realtime updates

Twitter, Instagram, Slack, Direct Included

Custom designed wall by our designers

Website embed, API, announcements, & more

Credit card/checks/wire payments

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