Tweetwall is now Everwall. Read the blog post.
Tweetwall is now Everwall. Read the blog post.

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I'd like to test my wall before my event starts, can I?

Yes, when you purchase your wall prior to the start of your event, we automatically—and for free—provide you with a 72 hour window prior to your event where your wall is completely live and monitoring for you.

To get this great benefit, all you have to do is not purchase your wall at the last minute. If you purchase it more than 72 hours before your event is scheduled to start, your wall will automatically activate itself 72 hours before the event starts and begin monitoring your terms. If you purchase it within the 72-hour window, then you'll only get the hours from when you purchased it, until the event is scheduled to start for free.

You can see your wall with it's complete design by clicking on the Preview link on the top of any page in your account.

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