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When you purchase a wall, you are only billed for the actual days of your event, you are not billed for the days leading up to the event and your wall does not go live instantly (unless you are already within 72-hours of your event).

If you're purchasing the Tweetwall in advance of your event, your wall will also include a free 72-hour pre-event monitoring window for testing and to ensure that your Tweetwall is not empty at the start of the event. If you purchase it more than 72-hours in advance, it'll go live 72 hours prior to your event starting, and continue until the event is scheduled to end. If you purchase it during that 72 hour window, it'll go live immediately after purchase and remain live until the event is scheduled to end.

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There are a few different reasons that you might get this response when a payment fails:

  • Some debit cards require a PIN to be entered. If you're trying to use one of these cards, you'll need to use another card to make the purchase.
  • Some cards have restrictions on cross-border usage. If the card was issued outside of the United States, this might be the problem. In this case, please contact your bank to see if you have this restriction and if they can remove it.
  • Some cards (often corporate cards or FSA cards) can only be used for certain business categories, like travel or healthcare. If you think this may be the case for you, please contact your employer to see if it can be removed, or if you can purchase it on a personal credit card and be reimbursed.

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If you want to test your wall before purchasing the wall, then on the final screen of the builder click the "save for later" button. On any page for your wall, you'll now see a start 3-hour trial button that will allow you to start a free and fully functional trial. During this trial you will occasionally see trial warning messages on your wall that are not there during your event.

You can only do a 3-hour trial once, so please be sure you're ready to fully test it.

In addition to the free 3-hour trial we make available, if you purchase your social wall prior to the start of your event, we automatically—and for free—provide you with a 72 hour window prior to your event where your wall is completely live and monitoring for you.

To get this extended testing period benefit, all you have to do is not purchase your wall at the last minute. If you purchase it more than 72 hours before your event is scheduled to start, your wall will automatically activate itself 72 hours before the event starts and begin monitoring your terms. If you purchase it within the 72-hour window, then you'll only get the hours from when you purchased it, until the event is scheduled to start for free.

And finally, at any time, you can see your wall with it's complete design by clicking on the Preview link on the top of any page in your account.

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There can be many reasons for your bank to decline a card. We never decline a card directly, it's always your bank that tells us if it was declined.

The most common reason for declined cards when funds are available is because your bank does not feel that it's typical of you to make a purchase like you are for Tweetwall, and that it may be fraudulent. To see exactly why the charge was declined, you should contact your bank and tell them that you were trying to make a purchase, but it's not going through. They will be able to look at your authorizations and tell you the exact reason it was declined. In most cases, they can then make it so that future charges do go through.

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We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. At this time we do not accept PayPal or any other online methods.

If you are making a purchase that's over $1,000 USD, then we can also accept check/invoice payments, or wire payments. We are unable to make exceptions for lower amounts.

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We recommend that you purchase your wall in advance, because when you do, you automatically get up to 72-hours for free prior to the event for testing and to ensure that your Tweetwall is not empty when it starts.

If you wait until the day of the event to purchase it, you will not get the free 72-hour pre-event window. Only the posts that occur after you purchase the Tweetwall will appear on the Tweetwall, unless you manually import them using our import tool.

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