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I see that you support showing leaderboards on the Tweetwall, how are they ranked?

We currently offer three different leaderboards and they are Engagement, Interactions and Followers.

The Engagement leaderboard would require people to get other people to reply to or retweet their Tweets that use your hashtag, and is the least susceptible to users gaming it because they can't directly manipulate it—for that reason, it's usually the one we recommend.

The Interactions leaderboard counts each time that a user sends a Tweet using your event's hashtag, and counts it as another vote on the leaderboard.

The final option that we offer is the Follower leaderboard, and this one just ranks people by the number of followers that they have, and for this reason unless your goal is to show off the most popular Twitter users—like celebrities—that are participating, it's not likely to be what you'd want to use for your event.

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