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Unfortunately, no, we cannot show posts from protected accounts on your wall. Since the user has chosen to not allow everyone to see their Tweets, we must respect their privacy and not show their posts on the wall.

If the protected account is yours, or you have control over the account, you may be able to unprotect the account for the duration of your event and then we will include them on the wall. After the event is over, you can then protect it again. Keep in mind that for the duration of the event, anyone would be able to see any of your previous Tweets though and so you should heavily consider if it's worth it.

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Not directly. Powerpoint uses a browser rendering engine that is too old to support modern web standards, and therefore cannot show your wall without heavy modifications.

However, you can use a product called LiveSlides, which has the ability to embed a webpage into your PowerPoint slides using their own browser rendering engine that supports modern web standards.

You can find out more about LiveSlides and get the Add-in here.

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Yes, we support Instagram. Depending on the type of account you have you can either pull in only your own content (a personal account), or you can pull in any public content that uses a hashtag (requires a business account). To add it to your wall, on the "Content" page of the builder, click on the appropriate Business or Personal Instagram icon either in the center of the page (if you do not have any sources), or in the "Add Source" menu. Then, follow the steps to add it to your account and activate it.

For a personal account, you will be given the option to pull in ALL posts from your account, or you can optionally filter your own posts to those that include a specific hashtag.

For a business account, you can pull in ALL content from your own account(s), and you can also set it up to pull in any public post that includes a hashtag that you specify. You can monitor Instagram for multiple hashtags, and we'll pull in any post that uses one of the hashtags you specify, as long as it's a public post. We cannot display posts from a private account.

If you have configured Twitter and someone Tweets a link to an Instagram post, that Tweet will show the photo from Instagram. We also support hundreds of other commonly used image and video hosting services and will show the image or thumbnails (for video) inline with the Tweet.

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No, but in practice it's often easier to use one computer per display. There are several solutions on the market which can take a single video feed from a computer and send it to multiple screens; you'll need to contact your venue's AV team to see which solutions they recommend and can support though. Because of the costs and ease to get it setup, it's often better to go with a one computer per screen model.

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We do not limit the number of screens you can display it on and have tested it on hundreds of screens simultaneously, so please feel free to show it on as many screens as you desire.

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You can customize any aspect of it, from simple style changes, all the way up to fully custom transitions and interactions. We include one hour of customization for free, per event day (so a 3 day event gets 3 hours of customization for free). We can provide an estimate prior to doing the work, and anything over the free hours would be billed in addition.

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Your wall will not update during the outage, and as soon as it detects that there is an active connection again, it'll automatically fix itself and show all the posts that matched during the outage. Because we do all of the monitoring from our servers, no posts will be lost if your internet connection goes down.

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Our support team is avalable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via email. If your event is a full service event, you'll also have access to 24/7 phone support through your dedicated account manager.

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We support pulling in content from Twitter, Instagram, SMS/MMS, Slack, and Everwall Direct.

You can mix and match whichever networks you'd like onto the single wall. For example, if you want to pull in hashtags from Twitter and Instagram, you can, and the posts from both social networks will appear on the same wall.

For Twitter we support pulling in public posts that contain #hashtags, keywords, phrases, posts from specific users, and posts that mention specific users.

For Instagram we support pulling in public posts that contain #hashtags, and posts from specific users.

SMS (otherwise known as text messages) and MMS (picture messages) are supported on our platform. We provide a "long" phone number for you to provide to your guests. Currently we support SMS in 17 countries (United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Malaysia, Netherlands, Poland, Puerto Rico, Sweden, Switzerland). Picture messaging (MMS) is only available in the United States and Canada at this time.

Since you are assigned a phone number, all messages sent to that phone number are displayed, regardless of them using a specific hashtag.

SMS support on your wall costs an additional $19 per event day.

For Slack, you can pull in any text messages in any of your non-private channels. You can only connect one team at a time to your wall.

Everwall Direct
Everwall Direct is a way for our partners and developers to send posts directly onto your social wall bypassing any public network, like Twitter. You can upload text posts and posts with images.

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