What’s Involved In Planning A Political Event, Exactly?

There’s a topic that I’ve been a little curious about of late. See…in the past, I’ve mentioned that an event management professional can be responsible for a wide range of different affairs, ranging from weddings to trade shows to business conferences to political conventions. I’ve covered all of the former cases on several occasions, but I’ve never really touched the political side of things.

Of course, we’re not going to be talking about politics, per se. Instead, we’re going to look at precisely what’s involved in becoming a political event planner. More specifically, we’ll examine in brief how a political event organizer’s role differs from the position of someone running a conference or trade show. Let’s start right at the beginning – in other words…

How Does One Get Started?

The vast majority of political event managers started out doing something entirely different; a career or volunteer position tied in some way to their political party of choice. They were campaign office volunteers, perhaps; or canvassers, or political aides. The important thing is that they worked in the political climate of their city or region for some time. In so doing, they established a network of political connections – connections which would […]