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Six Best Open-Source Event Management Applications

The best part about open-source applications isn’t even that they’re free – it’s that open-source applications are community-driven; anyone can access and modify the source code in whatever fashion they choose. As an event management professional, you should relish that sort of freedom; in the right hands, open-source is an incredibly valuable tool.

Unfortunately, the open-source event-planning scene is still in its infancy, so there aren’t a great many event management applications that fall squarely under the open-source umbrella. Even so, there are five open-source applications that tech savvy event planners with an interest in tinkering about should check out.


Plan and track everything about your event with the in-depth services offered by Eventbrite. You pay nothing for free events and just a small fee for paid ticketed events. It is well worth the cost since it is one of the most extensive tools out there that can do anything from managing guest lists and ticket sales to the actual planning of the event.


Technically, there are two versions of ConfTool – a professional version designed for managing massive, enterprise-level events, and the standard – original – VSIS Conftool, which is suitable for events with up to 150 participants. Although it features only […]

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