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3 Ways to Get Likes on Your Facebook Event Page

You’ve created a Facebook Event Page and now you need ‘likes.’ The only problem is that likes don’t magically appear by themselves (at least not usually). It’s starting to feel like a party where nobody is showing up.

Every new ‘like’ is a promotion for your event by someone other than you! This type of authentic support is priceless, but you may need to work for it.  There are many different ways of getting people to like your Facebook Event Page, but here are the 3 most tried and true methods on how to get more likes on Facebook.

Promote Everywhere

Don’t expect people to just stumble into your Facebook event page. Get out there and tell them about it. Promote your page everywhere you go, both online and off. This includes your website, other social media channels (and of course, Facebook), in your email signature and on other marketing materials and everywhere you are offline.

Don’t just say ‘visit us on Facebook.’ When promoting your event’s value, give people the link and tell them to ‘click here’ (you can create a direct link on your site to your Facebook Event Page by installing a plug-in or hand out QR codes offline.) And don’t […]

How Can Reddit Help You As An Event Planner?

If you aren’t yet on Reddit, maybe you should be. Although Reddit’s community is somewhat small compared to Facebook or Twitter, it’s nevertheless a teeming hub of Internet culture. Reddit doesn’t call itself “the front page of the Internet” without reason; some of the most popular viral content on the web either originated on Reddit or was promoted through the social media site. Used properly, it can be the perfect platform for event promotion.

Before we get into that, however, let’s begin with a brief primer on what Reddit is and how it works. I’m going to assume that most of our regular readers may not be acquainted with (or accustomed to) the workings of this particular social network. Don’t worry, I’ll quickly cover the basics.

Reddit is a website composed almost entirely of user-generated content. It styles itself as a combination news-and-entertainment hub, where registered users submit either links or text posts (referred to as “self” posts). Every post submitted (and every comment made) can either be upvoted (signifying approval) or downvoted (signifying disapproval). In the case of links, upvotes will net the user something known as Karma (an intangible value which effectively signifies whether or not users have liked your […]

The Novices’ Guide to Event Management: Part Three

Hey there, folks! We are moving on to part three of our novices’ guide to event management. So far, we’ve covered what an event management portfolio should include and how to organize it so you’re putting your best foot forward. Today, we’re moving on and looking at how to use that portfolio to break into the event management industry. The goal: landing yourself a sweet gig as an event planner.

First, you do need to decide whether you want to be an independent event planner or join an already-established organization as their resident event manager. If you’re going to jump into the deep end and run your own operation, basically starting up, marketing and managing your own business, get ready to work your tail off!

We’ll start with the simpler of the two – working for someone else. How can you get yourself into an event management career without having to start up your own business? What exactly is involved?

If you choose this route your search is more clear-cut; you’ll be applying for jobs such as meeting coordinator, community administrator or event manager. Many different types of corporate entities require an event staff dedicated to running their meeting and community outreach efforts.

Tip: […]

How to create a Tweet Suite

We’ve all been to conferences that had comfy couches, we may have even been to conferences that had Tweetwalls (We hope so!), but have you ever been to a conference that had a Tweet Suite? Well today, we’re going to go over some of the basics on how to create one to increase engagement and socialization at your events.

Just to clarify exactly what a Tweet Suite is—essentially, a Tweet Suite is an area at your event dedicated for your attendees to lounge, relax, socialize and maybe get some work done if they desire.


The first thing you need while creating your Tweet Suite is comfortable seating, and ideally lots of it. Depending on your venue, this could be soft couches or chairs, or even bar stools surrounding high top tables. The most important thing to remember is, can people sit there for 20-30 minutes without getting numb? Soft or contoured chairs are the best to go with.

After you’ve figured out how much seating you plan on having (which SocialTables is great for, I might add) you next need to think about how to get your guest’s devices charged up. It’s an unfortunate reality that your guests aren’t at your event to promote you, so […]

What To Do If Nobody Is Signing Up For Your Event

It‘s a common problem among many event planners: you start with the best intentions, looking forward to signing up a large number of attendees in a short period of time, but soon find that you are lacking any “real” progress.

What are you going to do? Are you going to give up altogether, cancelling the event? Or are you going to make the appropriate changes to quickly turn things around?

The way you approach this problem will not be identical to the next person. Your event is unique and you need to treat it as such. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to increase the number of sign-ups without going overboard in terms of time and money spent.

Double Back on your Marketing Plan

This one suggestion could do wonders for your event. Upon reviewing your marketing plan, you may find that your initial approach was all wrong. Nobody wants to find him or herself in this position, but it is better than not knowing there is a problem.

You know something didn’t work, so now, in retrospect, what is it? It may be as simple as you announced things too soon. So pretend your sharing information for the first time. You […]

Five Significant Ethical Issues In The Event Industry

As with any industry, event planning has its own set of sticky ethical issues to deal with. As an event manager, you’re eventually going to be faced with a moral dilemma (or two, or three…) over the course of your career. How you deal with them will not only define you as a professional, but as a person.

It’s important that you’re made aware five ethical issues you might face in the event industry – and equally as important that you approach them with integrity.

Honest Representation

A few weeks ago we wrote about the most significant challenges a wedding planner may face – among these was ‘low grade competition; planners who have no idea what they’re capable of and either make promises they can’t keep or charge far lower rates for services than any sane professional should.

There is a difference between overestimating your capabilities and lying about them. Make sure you’re always honest with your clients, and lay the groundwork before making commitments. Through due diligence and planning, you’re able to represent your capabilities more accurately.

Never gouge clients. If tempted to pad a cost or add a fee for going the extra mile, remember you’re building a reputation. Treat clients with respect, […]

How Event Management Firms Leverage Their Facebook Page

As I’m certain you’ve been told time and time again, your event management firm should have a Facebook page. As the world’s leading social network, it’s generally one of the best places to connect with your clientele, and an even better place to promote your events. Why would you ignore Facebook?

Certainly, people offer some general advice on how to use Facebook – post funny, relevant, interesting content; be active and approachable, tease your potential atendees with content well in advance of an event…you get the idea. This advice is largely true, but we offer a bit of practical, tactical advice around how event management firms leverage their Facebook page to promote both their firm and events.

Your Page Should Express Your Brand

First piece of advice, know your brand’s value proposition. Everything you post to Facebook should express and better define your brand’s core values for your audience in some way. As we always recommend, watch what others in the event planning industry are doing with their Facebook page, can you immediately tell what their brand stands for, what they’re known for. For example, recently we posted a list of top personalities in the event industry – David Monn’s Facebook page highlights […]

Keeping Up With Current Events in Your Field

One of the more important (yet least cited) jobs you have got, as an event manager, is to keep abreast of what’s going on in your industry. Possessing up-to-date knowledge of the current conversations, news, and controversies affecting a given field allows you to make your events more current, relevant, and interesting to attendees. Consequently, being completely out of the loop (or worse, possessing an outdated notion of an industry) could easily result in boring, irrelevant, or valueless events.

It might sound like a herculean task at first. With all the other tasks on your plate, how could you possibly keep track of what’s going on? Where could you possibly find the time?

Actually, keeping up with current events in your field is pretty easy, if you know where to look.

Find Yourself A Mentor (Or Two)

A more traditional method of keeping track of an industry’s pulse – and a great choice for novice event planners – is to find yourself a mentor, either within your chosen field or within your organization. Not only can they help keep you updated on industry news and offer their experienced perspective, they can help propel your career. If you choose well, your mentor could end up […]

7 Last Minute Event Promotion Strategies

So it’s the week before the event and you’re panicking about selling out. Take a deep breath and relax, they’re still some time to try and get more people excited about your upcoming event.

While you should continue to use your normal promotional channels such as email, flyering, Facebook and free listing sites to boost event awareness, we’ve also got seven top tips for last minute event promotion.

Take a look at these seven strategies to see if they’ll work for your gig, show, club night, conference or other event:

1.Post on Classifieds sites

Post your event details in the Community section of (in the UK and Europe) and to catch people looking for last minute things to do.

2. Get social

Change your Facebook and Twitter profile picture to your event logo to drum up excitement.

3. Update your website

Don’t forget to include your own personal web properties, don’t just focus your promotion on third party sites. Put a big banner on your website the week before your event.

4. Tell your fans

Get your sponsors to spread the word. Your sponsors want bang for their sponsorship buck… get them to Tweet, Facebook link or web link to your event.

5. Run a competition

Have a “Retweet to […]

The Novices’ Guide to Event Management : Part Five

Last week we looked at basic things you needed to cover if starting your own event management firm. Today, we’re moving to the next stage – marketing your new firm. You’ve chosen your niche, your firm is fully insured and up and running, and you’ve started networking with all the right people. It’s a great start, but now you need to gather clients – the more people hear about you the more likely they are to become paying clients! In other words, it’s time to market your new business.

So…what’s involved in making your new firm known?

Well, the first thing to do is develop a clear and consistent message. It’s extremely important you know your target demographic  – and what branding materials will resonate with them most effectively. You’re going to nail down the look and feel of your logo, business cards, social media platforms and website layout, and create a simple, concise slogan that says who you are.  Brand assets are as unique as there are companies, but this is how you express the market research done and your vision for your firm and your future clients.

Branding is just the tip of the iceberg when presenting your firm to the […]

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