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Six Warning Signs an Event Manager is a Bad Bet

Event management isn’t a career for everyone. It’s a high-stress, fast-paced job that demands quick thinking, terrific organizational skills and a Zen-like sense of calm that would make a shaolin monk envious. While there are plenty of individuals who are capable of thriving at this profession, there are many more likely to crash and burn the moment their plate gets a little too full.

Naturally, if you’re hiring an event manager for your staff, you want to avoid picking anyone from the crash and burn category, having the wrong management staff is a surefire recipe for disaster. Here are a few warning signs that your prospective planner might not be all they’re cracked up to be.

They’re Even A Little Bit Disorganized

Look at how event managers conduct themselves. Do they appear clean and well dressed, or scattered and messy? Do they stay punctual and professional, or do they have a habit of being late and forgetting appointments and communiqués? Event managers need to consistently remain on top of things in order to effectively do their job; they need top-notch time management skills. If the planner you’re thinking about hiring seems to lack these traits or abilities in their personal life, how would […]

Five Cost-Cutting Methods for Stretching Your Event Budget

Budgeting is probably the most difficult task for every event management professional – particularly if you find yourself coming up short. If tight, it can be incredibly tempting to cut corners, but that’s not an advisable course of action. Skimping on features is a surefire way to ruin an event, and it’s not the way to solve your event budget constraints.

So…how can you save money? Get creative, there’s ways to cut down on an event’s overhead without causing quality to suffer too much. Here are a few cost-saving event management techniques that won’t completely water-down your event in the process.

Seek Out Sponsors

First and foremost, check around the industry in which you’re running the event for sponsorship. There’s a good chance you’ll find a company or organization that values a marketing opportunity with your attendees, look to industry leaders. A win-win deal provides a sponsor something they value in exchange for them covering a nice chunk of your costs.

Tip: a company may value an audience with your attendees, the chance to speak with them directly. If the company or organization truly provides value you may consider offering one of your speaking slots. 

Spend Less On Guest Speakers

Ask yourself – do you really […]

Tweetwall and Ticketbud have partnered!

Today, we’re proud to announce that Everwall and Ticketbud have partnered!

Ticketbud is a service for selling tickets to your event, and what makes this such a good partnership for us is that they’re not like every other ticketing company out there—they’re focused on making your event more successful by giving you tools you need to simply and quickly create events on their platform and sell tickets. Simplicity and speed is also something we strive for here at Tweetwall.

Today we’re launching a minisite for Ticketbud, and from there, you’ll be able to easily login or create a Tweetwall account using your Ticketbud credentials, and when you do, we’ll import all of your events from Ticketbud so you can easily create Tweetwalls.

Ticketbud has also created a nice site for the partnership, here.

If you’re already a Tweetwall user, just log into your account and start creating your Tweetwall, and click the option to import your events from Ticketbud.

If you’re a Ticketbud user, you can create a Tweetwall account by going here.

On a more personal note, this partnership has been in the works for several months, and I can attest that everyone that we’ve dealt with at Ticketbud has been awesome and great to […]

Budget-Saving Tips for your Next Event

As an event management professional, one of your jobs involves juggling your event budget with the needs of your client. Unfortunately, running an event isn’t cheap, and a lot of clients will be looking to cut corners and save money wherever possible. Your clients might not necessarily understand what goes into getting an event up and running, and often end up trying to trim the fat from inadvisable components of your event, such as security costs, guest speaker budgeting, or equipment.

Your job is to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with trying to save money. The greatest event management professionals are perfectly willing to cut a few corners in order to reduce their budget. The difference between them and everyone else is that they know precisely which corners to cut, and how best to save. Here are a few budget-saving tips that’ll serve you well to that end:

Keep Your Eyes Peeled For Discounts

This one should be obvious, but part of your job as an event planner is to always keep your eyes peeled for a better offer. Even if you’ve got your venue, suppliers, and partners all lined up for the event, never stop looking around for […]

The Real Cost Of Event Management Blunders

Today, we’re telling you a story about a young entrepreneur by the name of Suresh Doss. He is – or rather, was – an amateur event planner and freelance food writer. Today, he owes the City of Toronto $36,000.

His is a cautionary tale, a story that drives home the importance of knowing who you’re working with and what you’re doing. See, Doss was part of a 2013 experiment to put food trucks in parks all across the city. Armed with an array of different meals, the trucks would keep hungry park-goers fed and content – and make a bit of money for the city in the process. At least, that was the theory behind the whole fiasco.

As you may have surmised, things didn’t exactly go as planned.

The experiment only lasted two months before everything collapsed epically under its own weight. Park patrons, though customers, were unhappy with the noise and fumes created by the trucks. Vendors were unhappy about the locations chosen by the city. And Doss? Well…

He was unhappy because he’s the one who got nailed with the bill.

See, what Doss failed to consider – or rather, what the city failed to tell him – was that the city […]

Cold Calling 101 – Getting Sponsorship For Your Events

Everyone talks about the need for event managers to secure partnerships and sponsors, it’s often vital to making a budget work, but rarely do we discuss the mechanics of cold calling. Some planners may take this to mean they should simply make a bunch of cold calls. We should give you better, more specific advice.

Logically, you can’t simply call someone and blurt out your event details and expect them to jump on board – nor can you email someone a bullet list of needs and assume they’re going to read it. If you just vomit out information, many people will simply tune you out.  Like any other sales tool, there’s an art to cold calling – and mastering this skill is important to your career as an event manager.

So, how can you go about maximizing your chances when cold calling potential sponsors for your events?

Do Your Homework (without exception!)

If there’s one thing you take away from this article, it should be Do Your Homework: if you contact someone with only minimal knowledge of who they are and what they do, they’ll know it and you failed before you even started! Cold calling isn’t something you do on impulse. To have […]

Tweetwall & Eventbrite Have Partnered!

Today, we’re very excited to announce something that we’ve been working on and have been looking forward to announcing for quite some time—Everwall and Eventbrite have partnered!

Both Tweetwall, and Eventbrite are determined to make your events the best they can possibly be—for us, it’s about making them more social and engaging, and for Eventbrite, it’s by making it easy for your attendees to register and attend your event.

Getting started to create a Tweetwall is really easy, all you have to do is connect your Everwall account to your Eventbrite account and then when you create a Tweetwall, we’ll automatically pull in all of your event’s details.

If you already have a Everwall account, you can easily add Eventbrite to your account. To do so, just login via Eventbrite.

If you’d like to find out more, we’ve created a special partnership page for Eventbrite, which can be found here.

Update: Eventbrite has written a blog post announcing the partnership as well.

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